KeeperFX Launcher Application

KeeperFX comes with a launcher application included in the KeeperFX game directory. After downloading and unpacking the KeeperFX archive to your desired target location run 'launcher.exe' to install, configure and play the game.

This utility can be used to:

  • Finish the game installation by selecting the 'Keeper' with the original Dungeon keeper files
  • Launch the game
  • Configure the [[Command Line Options]]
  • Configure the in-game screen resolutions
  • Select the language of the interface and preferred language of the campaigns.
  • Open the Log-file and Readme-file
  • Configure some settings and options not available from the game itself.
List of required Dungeon Keeper files

During installation with the Launcher the required files from the Keeper folder will be copied over to the KeeperFX game directory.
Files included in the GOG version can be used, simply point the launcher to where you have the GOG version installed. If that doesn't work(depends on the version) use the files inside the CD image file shipped with that version. The CD image with this release is called 'game.gog'. Rename it to 'DungeonKeeper.iso' and extract or mount it (with for example WinCDEmu) to find the keeper folder and the required files inside.

These are the required files: