KeeperFX is an open-source remake and fan expansion of Dungeon Keeper .

The main goal of KeeperFX is to preserve and expand upon the original Dungeon Keeper experience, offering many new features, improvements, and much more while staying true to the original feeling of the game.

You can delve into the original campaign, or enjoy custom content created by the community and shared on the Workshop.

  • Windows 7/10/11 support
  • Higher screen resolutions
  • Modernized controls
  • Many bugfixes
  • Additional campaigns and maps
  • New level script commands
  • New creatures, textures and sprites
  • Multiplayer
  • And much more!

KeeperFX is a standalone game but requires the original game files to operate. You can use your old CDs or the digital Gold edition that can be bought from EA or GOG .

It's very easy to get started but be sure to follow the installation instructions as there is no automatic installer.

Latest News

KeeperFX 1.0.0 has been released!


All original Dungeon Keeper code has been rewritten, establishing KeeperFX as a true open-source standalone game. Ownership of the original game is still and will always be required for copyright reasons.

When installing KeeperFX 1.0, perform a fresh installation without overwriting any previous versions. Saved games cannot be migrated. There is a wiki that holds answers to most of the questions you may have, and we have a large and friendly discord community where we welcome all friendly new members.


Release Candidate for KeeperFX 1.0.0


Development on what will be KeeperFX 1.0.0 has been completed. There will be no further alpha patches for version 0.5.0. A release candidate has been created, providing users with a final opportunity to thoroughly test this version for any remaining issues. If no problems are found, this version will be widely accessible. Everyone is encouraged to participate in testing by performing a clean install and promptly reporting any bugs or issues on the Keeper Klan Discord.


Website updates - History, Notifications and Comments


We've made some improvements to our website, introducing a new KeeperFX History page, an upgraded notification system, improved workshop comments, and several smaller refinements to enhance the user experience. For more information, check out this news post.



Repository: dkfans/keeperfx

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