KeeperFX is an open-source remake and fan expansion of Dungeon Keeper .

The main goal of KeeperFX is to preserve and expand upon the original Dungeon Keeper experience, offering many new features, improvements, and much more while staying true to the original feeling of the game.

You can delve into the original campaign, or enjoy custom content created by the community and shared on the Workshop.

  • Windows 7/10/11 support
  • Higher screen resolutions
  • Modernized controls
  • Many bugfixes
  • Additional campaigns and maps
  • New level script commands
  • New creatures, textures and sprites
  • Multiplayer
  • And much more!

KeeperFX is a standalone game but requires the original game files to operate. You can use your old CDs or the digital Gold edition that can be bought from EA or GOG .

It's very easy to get started but be sure to follow the installation instructions as there is no automatic installer.

Latest News

Now that everybody is starting to recover from the 1.0.0 release celebrations, we are happy to announce something slightly better: KeeperFX 1.1.0

What’s new in KeeperFX 1.1.0:

  • Three additional Keepers: Purple, Black, Orange
  • Scavenging works properly again
  • Fixed crashes in 4K resolution
  • Keepers more competent in breaking down doors
  • Secret Door, Time Bomb keeper power

For the full change list see here.


The website just experienced their first trip around the sun! It's its 1st birthday.


The KeeperFX team wishes all Keepers an evil Christmas and a delightful new year!



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