Website Changelog

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A full list of all the changes and updates to the KeeperFX website.


- fix workshop:fix-ratings command
- implement ban system
- small date/timestamp format fixes
- extra csrf null check during oath process
- add a nice page for invalid CSRF checks
- throw HttpForbiddenException in NotificationController
- throw HttpForbiddenExceptions for invalid CSRF token
- fix missing use statement in oath controller + cleanup
- fix buttons showing underline


- hide download button on mobile
- update bootstrap and add bootstrap-utilities
- refactor error handler
- make polling configurable
- raise exceptions on warnings and notices
- refactor end user error handler
- limit size of savefiles for crash report API endpoint
- also delete savefile when crash report is deleted
- add link to user profile on admin user edit page
- make it so admins can now edit users about me's
- add mod button to edit user profile
- also link to user page in comments
- small margin fix
- small fixes to user page
- update user links in workshop to new page
- another small change to metadata of user page
- change metadata of user page some more
- fix metadata for user workshop page
- implement new user pages
- hide broken workshop items on browse page on view instead
- hide broken workshop files from API results
- small user page fixes
- update admin user page


- make comment timestamp clickable on mod comment overview
- add some comments for JS libs
- add twigjs
- make timestamps in comments link to the comment
- fix rating render bug


- undo new error handler
- update composer libs
- fix HTTP error renderer/handler
- different wat for catching HttpNotFoundExceptions
- catch HttpNotFoundExceptions
- check if images are actually images
- implement droppable area on workshop upload image box
- make all input submit buttons into normal buttons (enables buttonloader)
- implement button loader
- fix wrong map number endpoint
- implement workshop rating fix command and task
- refactor workshop rating calculation
- move workshop map number checker to API


- improve workshop keyword searching
- add api endpoint for prototypes
- add workshop search API endpoint


- add even more blacklisted words


- disable spell checker for blacklisted words
- add more blacklisted words
- add more spam words to blacklist
- add emoji spam detector


- make fetch stable command less verbose
- make fetch prototypes command less verbose + small text fix
- make fetch-alpha command less verbose
- log output of all crunz tasks
- make ajax error handler only handle json data types
- make notifications work with instantclick lib
- small notification poll refactor
- adjust notification poll interval
- remove leftover debug code
- implement simple notification polling
- update composer libs
- more comments!
- cleanup leftover debug code
- refactor git log stuff
- small cleanup and comment improvement


- remove extra '>' in View links on stable downloads page
- hide commit link on downloads page when 0 commits are found
- fix and improve kfx:handle-commits command
- create GitHelper class
- enable alpha patches again
- add new keeper colors to history page


- execute website git commit cache command last during update
- refactor website changelog to use a background task instead
- refactor website changelog to simple shell_exec without lib
- implement website changelog
- update admin server stats + info
- remove mails in mailqueue with invalid email address
- update composer libs
- instantly run some tasks that grab data for the homepage during update
- refactor mass notifications to be sent out much faster
- small improvement to grabbing user notification data
- allow not instantly persisting mail in DB
- log IP changes when already logged in
- add extra comment to notification method
- add news post notifications


- break long hostnames in ip logs


- refactor discord button on homepage
- add session lib middleware manually + remove cache control middleware
- update composer libs
- remove parameters from thread links in fetch-forum-activity command
- use spam detector for keeperklan threads


- add simple antispam word checker
- remove useless IP log host names


- fix special characters for ISP in ip lookup
- fix last-seen/first-seen order for ip log on user edit page
- order ip logs by last seen by default
- make user ip log red again for proxies
- possible little fix for error 500
- only set host if it's different
- make all users in the associated users unique
- add ip logs list
- remove email from ip log associated users
- cleanup includes
- add ip to ip lookup table
- add ip lookup urls for ip, isp and reverse
- uppercase IP too
- improve ip lookup names
- finish ip lookup stuff
- add monospace font class
- force images in github markdown text to be on own line
- start of ip log GUI on user level
- remove seconds from alpha patch timestamp


- disable session protection


- fix workshop comment textarea bug
- fix error when not logged in and browsing a users items on the workshop
- render flash messages on more pages
- remove leftover debug statement
- implement session IP protection
- add some extra comments
- refactor user login/logout functionality
- temporary disable alpha patch fetching
- implement ip logger


- new mod edit button css
- update some dropdown css


- make linked post links for stable downloads load instant
- add jquery debounce to mod workshop search
- update composer libs
- improve mod workshop search + add highlighting
- add some margin to email address on account page
- make edit buttons on workshop item a dropdown


- change linked news post anchors
- implement linking news posts to stable releases


- fix link color when using markdown css (wiki/workshop)


- improve hiding of broken items
- add a notice for broken files on the browse page
- do not hide broken items when browsing our own workshop files
- change stable 'changelog' to 'commits'
- clear cache when broken status is changed
- hide broken workshop items from the browse page
- implement broken workshop files


- ignore comments in sidebar md
- update wiki menu layout


- change markdown HR height
- update composer libs
- use markdown css to use github's markdown css


- graceful fail and cleanup when workshop storage dir creation fails
- only delete workshop item dir if it exists


- made twitch stream task run every minute instead of 2 minutes
- remove wrong comment block
- add fake email field to register page to catch spammers
- add comment to $success
- check for throwaway email addresses
- add comments for the april fools route


- beta giveaway url


- make alpha patch and prototype mirroring happen sooner
- make prototype build process faster


- small text change
- add name only to updated sections
- change name and route of diff tool - force Name property to be included


- another small comment fix
- small comment fix
- add creature diff tool


- small fix to wiki URL code
- improve URLs of wiki pages


- remove wrong comment


- document update script


- add keeperfx forum history


- add valentine banner and bg


- make news titles on index clickable
- improve minify controller


- fix missing email addresses not being NULL
- update composer libs
- fix newline on history page


- add meta tags for download overview pages
- update the changelog page and its meta tags
- add more meta tag descriptions
- add meta tags for history page
- change cursor back to default for alpha patch notice icon
- remove instantclick widget for mod/dev/admin control panel links
- add country to admin user list
- add border to popover


- Revert "add country flag to more usernames in workshop"
- add country flag to more usernames in workshop
- add workshop item alpha build requirement notices
- remove date meta tag again
- change og news date to ISO8601
- use opengraph article published time for meta date
- add date meta tag to news article social badge
- add date to meta tags
- add bier and loob to tournament entry on history page
- add tournament winner to history page
- update social media badge for news page
- update composer libs
- add hover title to workshop item titles in browse page
- fix workshop cache not being cleared on mod edit
- fix default prototype workflow id
- fix page title of bundled assets page
- implement mirroring of build prototypes
- very small space fix
- add comment for download route for admin downloads


- add 'Mod' workshop category


- show popover with country name for country icons


- implement user country


- add mail icon to admin user list connections


- Revert "Merge branch 'snow-banner'"


- add workshop comment count to server info page
- small change to server info page


- fix workshop browse results when ordering by difficulty
- implement comment move mode for workshop moderators
- fix navbar icon hover color


- add some extra comments


- fix "optional" string on admin news pages
- small change on ToS page
- fix javascript email code on privacy policy and terms of service pages


- make header menu icons load instantly


- show notice on alpha bundle asset page when javascript is disabled
- small indentation fix
- change bundled alpha assets page to something dynamic


- update composer libs
- disable instantclick for random maps and campaigns
- scroll register and login elements into view on page visit
- make prod env minify html by default
- make alpha patch download notice less noticeable


- update unearth fetch command for new unearth versioning


- do not check invalidated tokens during fetch twitch stream command
- invalidate tokens during twitch stream command
- make forum activity fetch command ignore moved threads
- update composer libs


- change workshop mapnumber list to only list mapnumbers that are in use


- change unread notification cache key
- update composer libs
- add extra margin to news title on index
- remove leftover comment
- implement news images
- small indentation fix


- small change to theme.css
- update screenshots page
- load screenshots after lightbox init
- add homepage screenshots
- disable instantclick for dropdown links


- add information about 1.0.0 to the history page
- allow editing alpha patch workflow title by admin
- enable alpha patches again


- add party banner
- update downloads page
- fix workshop history
- update photoswipe js lib + use udm version instead of esm
- change some history around


- make sure JSON responses are not minified


- hide instantclick progress bar
- fix outgoing icon always being visible during instantclick page switch
- use workshop item thumbnails on the homepage
- add some extra instantclick anchors
- implement instantclick.js
- update composer libs


- update composer libs
- improve intro text
- update homepage
- implement workshop comment emoji picker
- add emojibuttonlist.js lib
- add horned list css


- urlencode alpha patch filenames + url for alpha patch in dev cp
- move moderation stuff to separate menu + change control panel names


- oopsie woopsie - dont notify discord on hidden alpha patches
- re-enable alpha patch downloads but set as disabled
- add snow banner css
- add themed banner and background for xmas
- improve location blocks in nginx doc


- add nginx doc for uploads
- try another way of sending a file stream during download
- fix uploadcontroller download stream
- fix slow uploadcontroller download
- implement a page to show bundled assets
- implement admin upload functionality
- add max file size to twig global upload limit values
- update some composer libs
- use a minify html library


- small fixes to avatar thumbnail code
- implement thumbnails for avatars
- small formatting fix
- fix little thumbnail helper bug
- refactor thumbnail generator into its own helper class


- disable alpha/stable fetch task for big release
- add thumbnails for screenshots and preload them


- Paragraphs and 7z info
- Big changeup
- made sentence simpler
- software -> changes
- clarified what the alpha versions are


- fix trying to send to notification to non existing user
- implement workshop comment moderation page


- small possible css fix
- fix some css for comments
- implement collapsing workshop comments
- change size of buttons on comments
- update composer libs
- implement simple html minify
- fix small html error
- clear workshop browse cache on avatar update
- new endpoint for default avatar generation + new avatar lib


- small fix for notifications on comment replies
- restore forced db charsets
- fix typo in history page
- fix workshop comment reply notification sending to self
- fix small typo
- hopefully this update script should be better
- make sure interfaces are not compiled into the container
- add view button to admin news list page
- remove last update 'fix' from migration
- make more file stuff update the last updated date on a workshop item
- make all last updated on workshop items only updated when file updates
- fix the up/down buttons on edit files pages
- fix some database stuff
- add halloween banner and background
- improve some image paths
- remove some leftover header images
- add custom theme options that can be used during the holidays or events


- small margin fix for news on homepage
- limit image size in workshop info + refactor bit of css
- refactor workshop browse cache + make cache refresh on specific actions
- implement workshop browse page caching
- implement mark all as read for notifications
- refactor clearNotificationsWithData
- add info about breaking saves to download page + small text change
- add a failed authorization check to all ajax calls


- fix report button not resetting its disabled status after report
- update spoiler background color and add a tiny padding
- make sure users notification cache is cleared when a report is removed
- clean some imports for workshop comment controller
- remove report notifications when the comment is removed
- remove report notifications when the report is removed
- make notification title more clear
- fix reported post showing red outline for normal users
- add markdown info label to many more pages and textareas
- add markdown/spoiler info modal template
- fix some image sizes
- make sure correct textarea is selected on comment report modal open
- autofocus reason for comment report on modal open
- rename comment macro twig template
- implement a configurable global alert
- small changes + remove hashbang when comment not found
- implement workshop comment reply cancel button
- cleanup some controller code
- improve code verbosity for highlighting workshop comments
- small comment css improvements
- send notification to moderators when a comment is reported
- implement comment reporting
- allow comment updates to be the same as the original comment
- update comment edit result messages
- change 'info' to 'more info' for markdown info
- make error alert background color really red
- make sure images in workshop comments are not too big
- make fetch-alpha command handle patches chronologically


- small comment layout changes + start of markdown info text
- add a markdown spoiler tag + fix markdown html after comment edit
- fix workshop comment reply notification logic
- implement workshop comment reply functionality
- update workshop comment highlight code
- some css changes / fixes
- fix little margin on new comment
- implement threaded workshop comments layout
- allow workshop comment entities to have other comments as replies
- fix comment
- implement workshop comment delete functionality


- implement workshop edit


- send notification to users with role + crash report notification


- add some stuff for workshop comment actions
- add user notification migrations
- show message when no recent notifications


- add a notification option for all workshop items
- fix workshop upload thumbnailer
- add notification role to notification settings page
- implement notification settings
- implement notification settings and emails
- fix circular dependency
- move unread notifications variable to the notification twig extension


- start implementation of notification settings
- remove leftover files
- show if notification is read or not on notification list
- implement removal of old notifications
- add notification list
- improve visibility of workshop comment notification
- change font of dropdown menus
- implement workshop item comment notification
- small update to notifications
- simplify notification class and add workshop item comment notification
- implement notifications
- add notification center to repl
- save json encoded data instead of string in user notifications
- fix new user notification bug


- change backup script from bash to bourne shell
- add placeholder getImage function to notification interface
- update notification dropdown layout placeholder
- update notification center
- refactor notifications
- add workshop links to account menu
- url encode 'my workshop items' url in workshop


- fix DLL rewrite and ENET history mixup
- change some history text
- add deeper dungeons info to history page
- rename lore to history
- change some lore text
- add more lore


- create a lore page
- update website source link in footer
- remove website githash
- show max filesizes for workshop items, workshop images, avatar
- lower default avatar upload size


- improve thumbnail generation & force gif to always have thumbnail
- improve thumbnail generation & force give to always have thumbnail
- make sure mogrify command can be executed
- add system helper class
- check for cli in thumbnail generation script
- improve thumbnail generation command description and verbosity
- implement workshop thumbnail generation
- implement thumbnail generation base
- remove old workshop classes


- improve doctrine caching configuration


- implement crunz php lib to take over cronjobs


- add php-image-resize lib and update composer libs
- move original creation date field on workshop item page
- fix workshop item original creation date being set by a bug
- change paragraphs of stable download notice around to match alpha notice
- fix original creation date being set


- update backup script
- create a backup script and update crontab docs
- cache the compilation of a DQL queries
- implement fetch creaturemaker download command


- fix font css preloads
- add nginx config docs for better caching
- fix table background css
- simplify preload asset comment
- preload fonts
- self-host cinzel and nunito fonts
- move js/css third party libs to cloudflare cdnjs
- update used ionicons lib cdn+version and make it load async
- force dark background color when page is not loaded yet
- preload background images used in main css file


- add stable build download notice and update download notice code a bit
- add some notification texts


- implement notifications - part 2


- add workshop comment action buttons


- small workshop comment css improvement
- add caret-off css class
- change css of workshop comments


- improve workshop comment timestamps + add timeago lib
- add crash-report delete functionality
- make comment badges easier on the eyes
- inform user that RSS feed is a direct download
- fix wrong jquery event on alpha patch download link
- improve alpha patch download modal


- add 'your download will start shortly' text to alpha pach download info
- show notice when downloading an alpha patch


- start of notification dropdown


- start of account notifications


- add more avatar fallbacks + change others to use fallback avatar
- small typo fix
- add submitter and admin badges to workshop comments
- fix missing avatar images on item workshop page


- small changes to output of fetch alpha command


- improve table on server info page
- small discord notifier default username change
- little cleanup + comment
- send alpha patch archives to virustotal
- update composer libs
- show alpha patch output filesize during storage
- show cli message that discord has been notified when new alpha is posted
- improve github issue title string display (downloads & discord notifier)
- only allow logged out guests to reset their password


- implement password reset via email
- improve savefile icon on crash report list
- little comment update to better explain
- make all exceptions kill an invalid oauth user cookie


- Revert "add tail.writer lib"
- fix highlighting wrong github issue numbers
- add tail.writer lib


- make enum variable name method static
- remove seconds from crash report list
- add the category to workshop item discord notification
- kind of explain why we have to load the thumbnail manually
- fix missing image for discord workshop notification
- possibly fix workshop item thumbnail for discord notification
- use no-image in workshop browse api controller
- reload workshop item entity when notifying discord


- use discordnotifier download icon for stable release instead of alpha
- convert the github issue/PR reference in discordnotifier to markdown


- show connection brand icons on users page
- add missing .env vars
- implement discord notifications


- reintroduce markdown for workshop comments
- add disable access_log for screenshots info


- add extra ignored access log paths to nginx doc


- show exception message on mail failure
- implement sending mails to users from admincp
- change button text to 'save' on user edit
- add icon button css
- improve backup info in crontab doc
- add category to workshop browse api


- change lots of db stuff to utf8mb4 (enables emojis)
- improve workshop redirect route
- little fix in a migration


- fix some broken alpha download links


- add news excerpt to meta tag description
- improve meta tag description usage
- restore removed horny faces


- change dates of stable and alpha releases to ISO 8601 in api controller
- remove old workshop draft
- slightly change no image placeholders
- improve download url for alpha builds
- update fallback image for workshop items and avatar
- allow unscanned workshop items to show in API when in dev environment


- add text for new workshop browse order-by's
- add order by 'most-difficult' and 'least-difficult'
- decrease filesize of fallback image for workshop items on index


- add 512x512 default placeholder image for pagespeed
- lower the size of default images on some locations for page speed
- improve active header item css + add possible underline css
- highlight active header item
- update outgoing url icon
- add outgoing url icon to Forums in header and change its default css
- change text on workshop browse page for a user
- add amount of ratings on my-ratings page + notice when no ratings yet
- implement my-ratings
- move map number list route
- change mapnumber list css size


- implement mapnumber list for standalone maps
- also search by username in workshop browse search
- make error code templates dynamic
- improve keyword searching in workshop browse
- update 404 page
- improve some comments in csrf config file


- change render distance screenshot back to previous one


- change render distance screenshot and change order of screenshots


- improve conditions on crash report template
- add nginx config for crash reports
- add back button on crash report page
- remove custom font size on crash report description
- add crash report description and improve page layout
- implement developer crash report pages
- add unique color twig filter
- implement crash report API endpoint


- separate CSRF guard from global routes
- change comment for autowire middlewares


- small alpha-patch management fix
- update alpha-patch management (menu/enable/disable)
- implement alpha patch list for developers
- add developer auth middleware
- remove lubiki migration notice
- improve download counter comments


- change default ip download remember time for workshop items


- add content length for workshop download controller


- fix regex for  fetch-unearth command


- allow workshop item search by mapnumber


- add crontab info for unearth release grabber
- improve verbosity for fetch-unearth command
- few fixes to fetch-unearth command
- implement fetch-unearth command
- make workshop 'files' dir if it does not exist during upload


- implement simple workshop item API endpoint


- implement API for releases


- add submitter username to workshop browse API endpoint


- add workshop browse latest api endpoint


- add simple latest news API controller
- fix a bug in the rss controller
- add docs for upcoming news API endpoint


- fix wrong image weights on workshop item update


- add theme-color meta tag
- fix html tag
- update keeperfx logo for some devices


- update clamav configuration docs


- implement mail queue
- fix NegativeBytesException in BinaryFormatter


- add phpmailer and sendmail command


- update console commands docs
- implement 'bundled with game' for workshop items
- add a grayscale button
- fix oldest/latest order by in workshop browse


- use a persistent csrf token
- improve csrf token storage in session array


- fix csrf token check after rating a map
- make clamav workshop all-scanner scan ALL files
- improve clamav docs
- fix invalid sql query for workshop browse
- move search to left of order by dropdown on workshop browse page
- remove leftover category code
- implement workshop search and add extra order by's


- fix upload auto publish
- fix news browse page page title
- add browse news page
- fix some indentation
- update css of news items on homepage + add excerpt functionality


- update author/submitter text on workshop item page
- remove display attribute on ellipsis for workshop authors
- update composer libs
- make doctrine bypass the classmetadata cache when executing migrations
- change server information page to calculate storage sizes using entities
- update 'update your installation' text on downloads page
- add total workshop size on admin server info page
- add total workshop size
- add simple search input on workshop item page
- add original author to moderator workshop browse table
- change action buttons on workshop moderate list
- add little todo item
- make random buttons scroll to page content
- fix ellipsis on workshop item user
- update nginx config docs for workshop images
- handle auto generation of doctrine proxy classes based on environment
- update maintenance mode text
- add extra ellipsis to workshop authors
- improve OAuth stuff


- change 'org_author' to 'original_author'
- add temporary notice to workshop
- add hazard banner to layout for better distinction between dev and prod
- move flash messages on login page above the oauth connection buttons
- update website version in footer again
- fix outgoing git hash url in footer
- add website github project git hash to footer
- add EA and GOG to intro text
- add creatures to feature list
- remove italic font type from original author links on workshop
- improve css for lists with a paragraph after them
- fix missing storage path variable in command
- fix workshop storage chrooted cli path env
- fix filename typo
- remove left over code
- update composer libs
- show correct username on upload workshop page for moderators
- hide workshop items from user if original author is set
- update original workshop item author colors
- add an example backup crontab to docs


- improve creation date timestamp on lubiki map copy command
- order by new order field on workshop browse page
- add submission date + creation date order by field on workshop item
- add 'back to workshop' link on author browsing
- make original author on workshop item page an URL
- fix pagination on workshop browse page
- don't add default workshop filter to pagination urls
- add a script for adding lubiki maps to workshop
- add a little bit extra margin to the top of 'no comments yet' paragraph
- improve padding for description box on workshop item page


- update comment area
- fix the way the current category is checked for in the workshop menu
- fix a few workshop category browse bugs
- show name of category on browse pages
- add margin to workshop browse categories
- implement new workshop category browser
- hide unearth ad on mobile
- fix 'show all versions'


- implement better workshop browse page filters + add category filter
- rename 'show all downloads' to 'show all versions'
- fix filesize for workshop upload
- implement removal of workshop ratings
- implement enable/disable difficulty rating for workshop items
- change moderator workshop browse page orm lookup
- clean up some imports
- implement moderator workshop item delete functionality
- implement moderator edit workshop files functionality
- make it a little more obvious when editing an item as a moderator
- add moderator workshop upload page
- moderate workshop name normalization
- implement moderator edit workshop item page
- improve js structure for workshop pages
- start implementing moderator edit workshop page


- fix invalid news article target field on user entity
- update user delete functionality in admin cp
- add entity relations to user entity
- remove files during workshop item delete
- remove all child entities when a workshop item is removed
- add workshop item delete button
- fix broken html anchor on edit file page


- add edit item/files to workshop edit pages
- move downloads under filesize on workshop item page
- add 'keeperfx' to 'latest alpha patch' string in workshop
- fix random character being visible on workshop item page
- clear original author/creationdate input fields when toggling
- update workshop edit page
- use html5 input validity on map number during workshop upload
- add missing 'webp'
- allow webp images in workshop image upload
- change 'virus' to 'malware' + change 'safe' because nothing is 100% safe
- fix missing import
- fix dynamic url for renamed files
- make disabled button css more obvious
- implement ClamAV workshop file scanning
- move workshop edit page JS to its own file


- add notification to connections page regarding featured twitch streams
- update workshop items with min game build 'alpha patch' to new releases
- small indentation fix
- implement 'latest alpha patch' as minimum game build for workshop items
- change comments from old-to-new to new-to-old
- improve some margins on workshop edit page


- implement workshop file rename functionality
- fix some content header stuff
- add a notice to workshop file edit page
- show filesizes for workshop files
- implement ordering of workshop item files
- small changes
- add weight to workshop file
- add disabled button class
- fix edit buttons on workshop item


- remove open workshop submissions from modcp
- add amount of users, news, workshop items to admin pages
- add workshop file upload filesize check
- disable form resubmission (little hack)
- implement workshop edit file page
- fix some comments for CSRF checks in account controller
- remove 'version' field from workshop file


- change edit links to buttons
- move download button back in workshop item info
- update css for filename on workshop download button (add ellipsis
- add latest workshop items to homepage


- show filename in workshop item download button
- change success text during workshop item submission
- add spacer between storage filename and extension for new workshop items
- add 'GMT' to alpha downloads column titles
- remove file update from edit page
- change scan status for existing workshop files during migration


- check map number during workshop map upload
- move mapnumber input field above file input in workshop
- update workshop edit (instant publish + remove leftover code)
- fix missing class imports
- fix invalid original creationdate during workshop item edit
- fix workshop image weight index during migration
- make sure image widget doesn't crash on invalid data


- fix ordering of alpha builds on alpha patch archive page
- add ''workflow_run_id" to alpha patches for better ordering
- refactor workshop edit page - part 1


- refactor workshop image widget to use base64 POST data
- refactor some more workshop controllers


- update workshop item css
- fix workshop item download
- update image widget positions on drag and drop
- update image widget file list function
- fix initial workshop image upload
- refactor initial workshop image upload
- make original- uploader and creationdate smaller inputs
- move workshop file during migration
- fix width/height part of workshop image migration


- change workshop upload page around and remove version field
- refactor WorkshopType to WorkshopCategory
- update some comments in indexcontroller
- remove new workshop notice on mainpage for workshop moderators and up
- create show/hide downloads list on workshop item page


- rename 'image uploader' to 'image widget'
- fix text color css for alerts
- fix WorkshopItemController + remove unused screenshot/filesize stuff
- improve workshop images
- update workshop image controller and browse page
- workshop update - add db and file migrations


- add WorkshopImage entity
- cleanup small part of image uploader script
- implement jquery sortable on image uploader
- add ionicon to spelling dict
- include jquery UI
- make sure users knows optional date/author are optional
- fix custom date information string
- fix users being able to visit their unpublished uploads


- Bump guzzlehttp/psr7 from 2.4.4 to 2.5.0
- Bump slim/psr7 from 1.6 to 1.6.1


- fix handle twitch streams command
- small update to file upload button css
- small update to imageuploader


- fix upload workshop item custom date field
- fix loading multiple popovers
- update file upload input field to match theme
- update bootstrap to 5.3.0-alpha3 and fix wrong bootstrap JS include
- add some words to spelling dict
- check map number during upload


- remove difficulty on creature workshop items
- add creature as a workshop item type
- workshop refactor - part 3


- fix username update in admincp
- fix invalid oauth user registration
- workshop refactor - part 2


- add extra margin to workshop comments
- fix invalid github issue links in fetch alpha command
- make fetch-alpha command clean up if something went wrong
- add migration (create entities per download file)
- add downloadcounter on workshop file level
- fix workshop globals twigextension


- implement multiple files for a workshop item
- add a note about original cfg file on download page + improve some text
- rename the shipped 'keeperfx.cfg' file
- improve string search in handle-twitch-streams command
- add another common used string for finding twitch streams
- add stuff to spelling dictionary


- update script: clear cache before running any commands
- fix ssl verification for oauth provider service
- refactor some oauth stuff
- change featured twitch stream resolution ratio to be more towards 16:9
- make kfx:handle-twitch-streams command refresh oauth tokens
- make box for featured twitch stream bigger
- implement featured twitch stream
- change markdown converter to githubflavor
- improve css of code blocks
- update composer libraries


- update css of oauth buttons
- implement account connections + add twitch integration
- oauth cookie ssl fix
- start of account oauth connections


- fix missing classname use during login
- oauth provider ssl fix + provider type fix
- add discord oauth migration
- implement discord oauth connection (register/login)


- remove dot character for accept ToS line on register page
- fix default ENV vars for prod/dev
- workshop refactor - part 1


- update script: reset files before update
- implement 'remember me' functionality + update login page layout
- update 7zip sentence on downloads page


- fix login redirect path in middleware
- change column sizes for workshop grid item
- fix username/org author choice when logged out
- use workshop username instead of original author if they match
- small fix to workshop item filename getter
- fix username css overflow
- add registration date to admncp user list
- make 7zip urls on download page open in new tab and show this to user
- protect alpha fetch command against double execution
- make alpha build archive process create archive in local temp dir
- update text on download page to include 7zip recommendation
- make kfx:fetch-alpha command re-archive builds for size + file bundle
- update some text on download page
- create our own file array for alpha build file bundling
- improve file count for file bundle in kfx:fetch-alpha command
- fix fetch alpha command


- Revert "rename multiplayer map pack to reduce string size"
- fix alpha patch dload dir
- add alpha patch file bundle functionality
- fix username ellipsis
- update env variable names + allow patch downloader to use different path
- update some filenames of views
- add library names to code spelling dictionary
- move some composer libs to prod
- update composer libs
- fix admin server info page
- fix unearth ad links
- fix email check in admin user add
- small workshop browse page item css fix
- fix username ellipsis overflow
- rename multiplayer map pack to reduce string size
- add workshop item original author popup info
- add replies count to recent forum activity


- improve maintenance mode
- few more spelling dictionary additions
- make direct output downloads use streams for performance
- add cspell config + fix spelling mistake
- fix admincp views
- fix workshop random controller having missing imports
- update libs


- Revert "mkdir fixes"
- mkdir fixes
- fix migration
- add workshop v1 migration
- fix wotkshop modcp controller and views


- add ToS and Privacy Policy to website + add a checkbox during register
- update ToS draft
- update privacy policy draft
- update privacy policy and terms of conditions draft
- update cache clear command
- update privacy policy draft
- add a documentation draft for a terms of service
- add a documentation draft for a privacy policy
- Revert "update date formatting"
- update date formatting
- add documentation draft for automatic scanning of workshop items
- normalize code/routes/names/namespaces for userroles + rename moderator
- rename 'overall rating' to 'quality rating'
- trim workshop item whitespace (name, desc, install-instructions)
- add browse by original author
- add css border to medieval button again
- small update to small avatar css
- fix news item meta tag
- remove unused code
- show a notice to non logged in users in the comment area in the workshop
- add a get_path function to the path twigextension


- change some margins around on workshop item page
- update avatar css and change comment layout around
- fix wordwrap and newlines in workshop item desc and install instructions
- move workshop item text content div style to css file
- fix workshop comment newlines and word wrap
- add preg replace twig extension
- fix workshop comment timestap format
- fix wrong username on comments
- add popover on workshop browse ratings telling the rating score
- allow users to rate the difficulty of their own workshop items
- fix 'Your rating' on workshop item
- fix userrole check on workshop item page for workshop moderators
- implement download counter ip protection
- implement workshop item comments
- show notice when no workshop items are found
- update workshop item page layout


- implement upload limits (workshop item & avatar)
- change 'order by latest' in workshop item browse
- revert workshop difficulty rating extending original rating
- implement workshop item difficulty rating


- small syntax update


- separate method for workshop rating and difficulty stars


- add a few meta tags
- update rating stars + make workshopratingtwigextension more dynamic
- add pixels to download button to align bottom content divs on index


- hide search box
- fix newlines in text on workshop item page
- update page title usage + implement opengraph meta tags


- automatically accept workshop items from moderator accounts and up
- add cache control headers to image output routes


- make workshop browse order-by work without JS enabled
- fix workshop menu for non logged in users
- make unearth workshop ad dynamic based on env var
- add root app url to prod .env file
- allow user to delete workshop item screenshot
- implement removal of thumbnails


- update medieval css buttons
- add check to disable rating your own workshop items (backend)
- update information on workshop item page when user rates the item
- add email to admin user edit + update add/edit user logic
- fix admin manage users link in account dropdown menu
- add 'my workshop items' and general user browser to workshop
- add uri check to path twig extension
- add a possible new star for workshop item ratings
- switch pagination and order_by location on workshop browse page


- add UploadSizeHelper + start of upload filesize checks
- fix twigglobalprovider function scope
- make twig environment extension return typecasted values
- fix unrated map scores
- force circle avatar css on account settings page
- change default avatar to a username initial generated one


- add server info (admin) to user dropdown menu
- add server info to admin panel


- switch login and register position in menu
- filter workshop item name during upload
- add workshop random map/campaign
- update workshop browse page (add pagination and order by)


- add calculated rating score to workshop item entity
- add workshop item create in modcp
- fix workshop submission flashmessage when not logged in


- implement 'KeeperFX Team' as user
- show info message to mods if new workshop item


- create and use widget for userbit in workshop
- fix rating(s) pluralization in workshop item
- update workshop browse item css
- update user avatar css


- change css backgrounds
- fix workshop browse grid layout when there is only 1 workshop item
- use default background css class for header
- improve contrast of links


- add user check to cache commands & suppress errors


- add original- author and creation date to workshop items
- small changes to workshop item page
- temporary disable dashboard while its not used


- implement filesize and rating amount for workshop item
- update information table of workshop item
- update workshop item layout
- make custom table css use .table class
- implement disallowed username words
- update workshop item layout
- move photoswipe css to base view


- add default user avatar
- add shadow to dropdown menu
- remove different background color for active dropdown item
- make sure csrf token is passed correctly for avatar/email remove
- add dropdown to user in nav
- implement account settings - part 2
- implement account settings - part 1


- temporary add backup of item workshop view
- update workshop item layout and css - WIP
- update unearth sidebar 'ad'


- add unearth workshop sidebar item
- update input css + fix carets for select boxes + update login/register css


- change main layout container to be larger on smaller browser sizes
- update workshop browse layout
- update workshop item types


- change layout around of upload page
- change type to a dropdown in workshop search box
- add register text on login page
- fix register link on workshop page
- send user to login page if trying to rate a workshop item as guest
- fix user roles in admin user edit
- make usernames in workshop clickable
- add login redirect functionality
- add RequestVarTwigExtension (POST & GET in views)


- fix workshop-mod edit link on workshop item
- add active link to dashboard menu items
- change workshop admin routes and controllers to workshop moderator ones
- workshop browse updates
- make more obvious that multiple screenshots can be uploaded
- fix log out icon in cp menu
- fix admin routes indentation
- add workshop moderator usertype
- update menu css and change outgoing icon
- fix logout link
- update control panel menu
- update workshop layout + add nav menu
- remove whitespace (and *dev*) from title
- fix user registration
- add temporary header to workshop browse


- improve user registration validation
- use 'unrated' stars for unrated workshop items
- change 'n/a' rating to 'no rating yet'
- fix admin user routes
- fix workshop rating calc for items without any ratings
- finish workshop item rating system
- temporary hide comment layout
- add default background for transparent workshop item thumbnails
- add workshop edit functionality


- update browse route and links + move workshop link in header
- add rating functionaliy - add toastr/bootstrap/jquery - use app_store
- improve workshop rating twig extension and add data attributes
- add created/updated datetime to workshop rating
- add workshop storage var to env files


- fix some command checks and increase verbosity
- double-check if Session has started for usage without a Request
- update nginx doc


- more workshop updates


- workshop updates
- add workshop item thumbnail


- workshop updates
- add slugify twig extension
- update workshop browse to browse latest
- rename control-panel to cp
- workshop updates


- add workshop types
- rename workshop submit to upload
- implement admin screenshot- & file upload
- allow no increment workshop downloads


- and even more workshop updates
- workshop updates
- workshop updates


- updates workshop screenshots & min build
- implement workshop screenshots
- workshop updates
- update workshop item & submitted page


- complete workshop submissions
- update libs
- rename some workshop stuff + add workshop rating


- workshop updates
- updates to workshop


- update alert css
- improve css
- workshop updates
- make login button bigger
- remove login notice
- add user registration
- fix workshop console commands
- fix workshop console commands
- add console command to add workshop type and tag
- create workshop entities
- remove login link from footer
- add workshop page


- make the rss feed for news convert markdown to html
- update news article page
- Revert "add matomo analytics"
- add matomo analytics
- start of workshop functionality
- add composer install to update script
- add an update script for the website
- remove features from the readme
- fix news title
- update design for error pages 404 & 500
- update alert css colors
- fix rss info page title
- add rss info page
- add rss feeds for alpha and stable builds
- improve news rss feed
- update news rss feed: remove author & set content type
- update news rss title and date
- add news rss feed


- add separate news pages
- move screenshots and changelog routes to their own controllers
- move dev environment notice in title to the front
- show roles next to control panel items
- show dev notice in dev environment
- fix csrf token in routes
- add error handler again
- improve cache warming verbosity
- add vscode tasks
- add cache:warm command to deployment commands
- add a cache warmer console command
- add user add/edit/remove functionality for admins
- update form css


- remove font maker scripts and assets
- move admin news views
- small comment fix
- add news removal functionality
- show user panel notice for end users
- make kfx:fetch-alpha command create the directory it downloads to
- change some directory structures
- Revert "add /cache rule to gitignore"
- Revert "remove cache dir gitignore"
- add /cache rule to gitignore
- remove cache dir gitignore
- update screenshot in readme
- make it so entities are not added to DI container
- fetch latest forum activity - show on homepage & console command


- move login back to footer
- change menu background to match content boxes
- fix missing "go back to downloads" link
- add possession improvements to feature list on homepage
- improve "go back to downloads" links
- update render distance screenshot
- add ionicons & improve UX for outgoing links
- fix order of news items
- new menu
- small css changes
- ignore my todo list :^)
- update table background
- add crontab doc


- implement admin auth middleware
- improve wiki route
- add pages for browsing all downloads


- remove unused images
- update top banner
- new button design + small css changes


- update docs
- fix download buttons
- fix fetch-wiki console command
- refactor all keeperfx console commands to kfx namespace
- fix gitignore includes
- update feature list on homepage
- disable standard end-user error middleware
- small grammer fixes


- simplify doctrine configuration
- add some possible header images
- init webapp


- init