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KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081
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Stable Releases

Here are the downloads for KeeperFX. You'll probably want to use the latest stable release. When you start the launcher for the first time you will have to point to an existing Dungeon Keeper installation. It's very easy to get started but be sure to follow the installation instructions as there is no automatic installer.

Currently only Windows is supported, but Linux and Mac users can use Wine . To open the downloaded archive and extract its files, we recommend using 7zip .

Starting from version 0.4.8 you can update your installation by simply extracting the newer version over your current one.

Name Size Date
KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081 (latest) 453.36MiB 2023-01-10 Changelog (1)
KeeperFX 0.5.0 Build 3080 453.29MiB 2022-12-27 Changelog (326)
KeeperFX 0.4.9 Build 2762 447.75MiB 2022-06-10 Changelog (616)
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Stable releases are automatically pulled from the GitHub releases page.

Alpha Patches

Alpha patches are work-in-progress builds that contain the latest features and fixes. They are shared with the community so people can have the most up-to-date version while we gather feedback and make sure they are stable. The builds are made available as patches that should be extracted over the files of the latest stable release. You only have to download the latest one as each patch contains the earlier patches as well.

If you are using these builds, we would love to hear your feedback. The best way to get in contact with the developers is on the Keeper Klan Discord channel . You can also report an issue on Github if you run into any trouble.

To open the downloaded archive and extract its files, we recommend using 7zip .

Please note: Alpha patches contain the _keeperfx.cfg file which might contain new settings. It's recommended to compare this file to your original keeperfx.cfg and copy over any new settings.

Name Size Date (GMT) Title
keeperfx-0_5_0_3386_Alpha-patch 19.18MiB 2023-06-02 22:44:21 Fixed up messed up comment in keepcompp.cfg
keeperfx-0_5_0_3385_Alpha-patch 19.18MiB 2023-06-02 1:02:33 DISPLAY_VARIABLE not confused on which variable type to display (#2420)
keeperfx-0_5_0_3384_Alpha-patch 19.18MiB 2023-06-01 23:20:19 Made doors work between custom slabs (#2410)
keeperfx-0_5_0_3383_Alpha-patch 19.18MiB 2023-06-01 23:08:54 COUNT_CREATURES_AT_ACTION_POINT works with flags beyond BOX127_ACTIVA…
keeperfx-0_5_0_3382_Alpha-patch 19.18MiB 2023-06-01 21:14:36 Illegal door placements no longer destroy objects there (#2419)
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Alpha patches are automatically pulled from the GitHub Alpha build workflow page.