KeeperFX 1.0.0 has been released!


Numerous volunteers have put in a lot of work to deliver a long list of features and fixes. Notably, with this release, there is a jump from version 0.x to version 1.x, coinciding with the removal of the link to the keeperfx.dll file.

This means that all original Dungeon Keeper code has been rewritten, establishing KeeperFX as a true open-source standalone game. Ownership of the original game is still and will always be required for copyright reasons. When installing KeeperFX 1.0, perform a fresh installation without overwriting any previous versions. Saved games cannot be migrated. There is a wiki that holds answers to most of the questions you may have, and we have a large and friendly discord community where we welcome all friendly new members.

What’s new in KeeperFX 1.0.0:

  • All remaining legacy functionality from the Dungeon Keeper executable has been moved to KeeperFX.
    • This means we are no longer limited by the original game in what we can change
    • There can now be more than 2048 things on the map at the same time
  • Maps are no longer limited to being 85x85, they can be larger or smaller
  • New units: Time Mage and Druid (are not used in old campaigns, but wait to see them in new maps)
  • Higher frame rates
  • Fixed crashes when playing in 4k resolution
  • Improved bridge building and digging for enemy computers
  • Stopped the best computer players from instantly dropping their entire army on you
  • Removed the lowest rated campaigns that were bundled, to give new users a positive first impression
  • Bundled campaigns got higher quality landview speeches
  • Added more translations for included maps and campaigns
  • Objects can have a direction (so face east for example)
  • More customization options for mapmakers and modders.
    • Add new creatures
    • Level scripts can be larger, resulting in more complex scenarios
    • Add new shots
    • New script commands
    • Custom music and sounds
    • Fully configurable traps
    • New decorative objects
  • New map textures
  • Orcs got an eating animation and the Avatar a torture animation
  • Maps can have larger hero parties
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Multiplayer map numbers can go past 255
  • Gems are now purple on the minimap to distinguish them from gold
  • Units visible on minimap no longer jump around

For the full change list see here.

- KeeperFX Team