First birthday of the website!


The website just experienced their first trip around the sun! It's its 1st birthday.

The website was launched January 8th 2023. It was made to be the public landing page of KeeperFX: making it much easier to find info about the project, offer a place for "official" announcements and to help new players get playing much faster. In the beginning there was not much functionality, but now we have the Workshop and try to be a place that you can check daily for new exiting updates, content, and more.

The whole website is made by Yani and is still being developed. Many more features are planned and should soon be available.

Some stats might be interesting:

  • There are 234 registered users
  • There are 525 workshop items
  • There are 653 workshop files taking up 828.74MiB of storage
  • There are 719 workshop comments
  • There are 570 alpha patches taking up 11.61GiB of storage
  • The highest peak of visitors was when we released 1.0.0 and more than 100 000 people visited the website during the first 24 hours

We are glad that you guys are enjoying the website!

Enjoy the rest of this possible new holiday.

- KeeperFX Team