In between full releases of KeeperFX, which can be found on, or here and here, you could play the most up to date version to enjoy the latest features, fixes and bugs.

Playing an alpha version, test build, prototype or any other patch version requires the latest full release to be installed.

  1. Download the alpha patch found here.
  2. Extract it over your functional KeeperFX installation
  3. When prompted, overwrite all files
  • Do not install a new alpha over an old release. This will cause compatibility issues
  • It is possible to install a newer alpha over an older alpha, provided they are both for the same full version.
  • Game saves might break between versions. Campaign progress will be maintained however, so update when you have finished your map.
  • It is possible to have multiple copies of KeeperFX simultaneously on your PC, so you can keep the full release and an alpha version side by side.
Reporting issues:

KeeperFX is community developed and community tested. That could be you, please report any bugs you find to the development team.

Report the issues and bugs you encounter by listing an issue or posting on keeperklan or on the discord. Feedback on the new features is also welcome, constructive or otherwise.

When you do report your bug, please share any information you can. We need to know the version number of the game you played, a clear description of the problem and possibly steps to reproduce it. In many cases a save-file, log-file and packet-file really help to solve the bug you found.

  • Log file is called keeperfx.log and is found in your keeperfx directory. It is cleared each time you restart the game, so secure it before you do so.
  • If you see a bug happening, make a save. Then send the save file to us and perhaps there's still useful info there. When you have a save from right before the bug happens and you can make the bug happen by loading the save, that's even better. The files are found in the keeperfx/save folder, with fx1g0000.sav being the top one in the list.
  • If you plan to report the bugs you find be sure to enable packetsave from your launcher before you start playing, and send the packet file with your report. The packetfile allows us to replay the entire level as it happened for you and not just see the bug, but also debug/investigate it and even directly test the fix we make. It too can be found in the game directory, and has the name you configured in the launcher.