1. Introduction

KeeperFX allows you not only adding your own custom-made levels, but also bundling the levels into a pack. The Deeper Dungeons is such a pack with 15 levels released together, which can be played in any order.

The main advantage of a level pack is that they can easily be bundled with custom 'rules', content and translations shared among all levels.

2. Setting up the level pack

A level pack consists of a .cfg file inside the /levels/ folder of KeeperFX which configures a folder structure and levels to play. Use the /levels/deepdngn.cfg file as an example. The .cfg files can be opened and edited by any text editor.

Setup a LEVELS_LOCATION where you can place the levels you will create, and be sure to be case-sensitive so people not using Windows can also play the maps. See here on how to make levels. Choose a folder structure that makes it easy for people to delete all files you bundle with the map pack when they are done with it without deleting other files. Be sure not to overwrite game files.

The level pack can now be found inside the 'Free Play levels' with the name as specified in the pack config.

3. Custom rules and content

KeeperFX has several configuration files that determine how everything works, from which creatures exist, what abilities they have to how fast chickens spawn in your library and what Powers cost for the Keeper. This together is the 'ruleset', and if you want your maps to not have the standard KeeperFX ruleset you need to specify this in your pack config file.

Files or specific settings you do not include will be taken from the defaults, so only include changed settings or settings that are crucial for the balance of your campaign. Keep in mind that players are unaware of changes you make so will expect the default configuration. Make sure your changes do not frustrate the player.

You can also opt to go for the 'Classic' rules which is without KeeperFX rebalance, by taking folders as specified in /levels/classic.cfg or the 'Legacy' rules which emulates the original bugs of DK1 as specified in /levels/legacy.cfg