Troubleshooting KeeperFX Problems

Q: I downloaded KeeperFX but I cannot open that file.

A: It's a zip archive, which can be opened by many different archive managers. We recommend the 7zip application. Download it here.

Q: There is no game music.

A: The game expects the original Dungeon Keeper CD in your disk drive. However, you can put .ogg music files in your keeperfx/music directory and play those instead. Use the launcher or command line for the game to know about them. Check /music/MusicReadme.txt for further instructions and getting the DK music files.

You need to start a new campaign, or a free level, for it to work.

Q: I dislike how fast my mouse moves.

A: KeeperFX uses the same value as Dungeon Keeper, which with High DPI mouses might feel too fast. With the launcher or by editing keeperfx.cfg you can edit the speed. The default speed is 100, set it to 69 to make it 31% slower. Or set it to '0' to use the windows native speed.

Q: There game crashes as soon as I cast charged up spells.

A: Some people report this crash while playing in high resolutions. Reduce your ingame screen resolution to 1920x1080x32.

Q: My screen flashes when in possession I use lots of lightning spells and I do not like that one bit and/or I am getting seizures.

A: Go to your KeeperFX folder and delete the file data/lightng.pal. Then, make a copy of the file data/dogpal.pal and rename the copy to data/lightng.pal . Now, when you hit a lightning strike, you'll have a cool red screen instead of a bright white screen.

Q: I'm having problems with multiplayer games.

A: See (multiplayer_readme.txt) for more information about multiplayer.

Q: What's the difference between keeperfx.exe and keeperfx_hvlog.exe?

A: These files are identical except of one thing: keeperfx_hvlog.exe writes A LOT of messages into keeperfx.log, allowing to trace any bugs and problems during the game. Because of the amount of data being written, the debug version, keeperfx_hvlog.exe, is a few times slower than standard version, keeperfx.exe. If you're not planning to report any bugs, you should use keeperfx.exe.

Q: I've bought the edition of Dungeon Keeper. Where can I find the Keeper folder to finalize KeeperFX installation?

A: You have to install the GOG edition of Dungeon Keeper first. Then point the Launcher to that installation to finalize the installation.

Q: I've bought the E.A. Origin edition of Dungeon Keeper. Why can I not finalize KeeperFX installation?

A: The data files of the E.A. version are put in a data folder in a data folder so the data cannot be found. Point the launcher to the data folder in the data folder of your DK Origin installation.

Q: I want to play KeeperFX but I do not have Microsoft Windows installed, what do I do now?

A: You can use Wine. You cannot run the launcher.exe file to finalize the installation, so you need to copy these files over by hand instead. Settings can be configured by editing keeperfx.cfg with a text editor.

Q: Within the first few minutes of play the game crashes. I get a message 'Runtime Error! R6028 - Unable to initialize heap.'

A: You might have a problem with your sound card. Play the game with the -nosound without it crashing to confirm. Disabling 'GX Mode' in your 'Audio Center' will solve the issue.

Q: Colors are changed in menu or during gameplay, but no problem is mentioned in keeperfx.log.

A: Select "Run in 256 colors" and "Run in 640x480" in the program properties, and change lines in keeperfx.cfg into those written in the answer below.

Q: Intro doesn't play. LOG file says: 'Error: setup_game: Can't enter movies screen mode to play intro'

A: The problem is that your drivers can't support 320x200 mode. Change the resolution config lines in keeperfx.cfg into those written in next answer.

Q: The game is pixelated/works in low resolution mode only. Can I make it work in higher resolutions?

A: To switch resolutions during the game, press Alt+R. If the screen blanks, but resolution doesn't change, then the video mode used for higher resolution is probably not supported by your video card/driver. In that case, change the resolution config line in keeperfx.cfg into: INGAME_RES=320x200x8 640x480x8 You may also try other resolutions, but those over 640x480 may be unstable.

Q: Game stops when loading a map. LOG file says: 'Error: setup_screen_mode: Unable to setup screen resolution 640x400x8 (mode 10)'

A: The problem is that your drivers can't support 640x400 mode. Change the resolution config lines in keeperfx.cfg into: FRONTEND_RES=640x480x8 640x480x8 640x480x8 INGAME_RES=640x480x8

Q: The game is unable to create a Save file.

A: The problem is either you failed to extract the empty save folder that comes with KeeperFX, or you have installed KeeperFX in a place without write access. Create a folder inside your KeeperFX directory called save if it does not exist. If it does, move your KeeperFX game directory to a different location.

Q: The game starts up to main menu, but when I try to load a level, it exits back to desktop.

A: There may be many reasons for that. Try checking your keeperfx.log file.
Also, try adding keeperfx.exe and keeperfx_hvlog.exe to the DEP list in Windows - that's the solution to most common problems. DEP is a Data Execution Prevention mechanism; search the net for details about it.

Q: On Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 the game doesn't start up at all. I get a message 'The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application.'

A: You need to have 'DirectPlay' enabled. In the Windows start menu, type "Turn Windows features on or off" and select "DirectPlay" under "Legacy Components".

Q: The game doesn't run. LOG file says: 'Error: setup_strings_data: Strings file couldn't be loaded or is too small'

A: Check if there's a language file in the fxdata folder for the language which you've selected in keeperfx.cfg.

Q: Mouse stops/teleports/moves incorrectly during the game.

A: Try the -altinput command line switch.

Q: I get a message 'Cannot initialize' when I try to enter network game.

A: KeeperFX does not support serial cable, modem and IPX multiplayer. Use standard, retail version of DK if you wish to play serial or modem game. Use standard DK with the IPX fix (or DK Gold) if you wish to play a multiplayer game using IPX. KeeperFX supports only the TCP/IP and ENET/UDP protocol.

Q: There are no special eye effects when I possess Beetle, Fly, Dragon, Tentacle etc.!

A: Lens effect only work if the game detects over 16MB RAM. Also, make sure that fxdata/lenses.cfg is present and not damaged.

Q: After some time of gameplay, many in-game elements stops working. Creature spells and some keeper spells (ie. Create Imp spell) ain't working. Same with placing traps/doors, and creating gold piles.

A: The game has a limit for amount of 'things' - these 'things' are all the objects that generate sprites (graphic representations as an image). They are limited to 2047, and if all slots are taken, it's no longer possible to create spell shots, gold piles or doors. Creatures have additional limit - even if there are still free 'thing' slots, they are limited to 255.

Q: On a specific map I'm playing the game eventually crashes or hangs, sometimes preceded by stutters. The log file contains error messages which contain information like 'triangle not found', 'triangle_find8: Infinite loop detected' or 'Triangles overflow'.

A: You ran into the yet unsolved 'Pathfinding crash'. It happens when the terrain on the map you're playing is too complex for the game to handle, with many pathways or many changes between lava/path/water. You may have caused this by making a large maze-like dungeon, but most likely the only solution is to play a different maps until this bug is fixed. If you are the mapmaker, simplify the layout of your map. What also makes a very big difference, is to make sure the map has 'filled columns'. Edit the map.ini file in your ADiKtEd folder and set these settings: "FRAIL_COLUMNS=0 UNAFFECTED_GEMS=1 UNAFFECTED_ROCK=1". Then edit your map in ADiKtEd and press 'U' to update to the new settings and the map should play out fine.

Q: I can't change the resolution with the KeeperFX Launcher

A: The launcher will not show all resolution options when your monitor has a very high screen resolution. Choose a different resolution or directly edit keeperfx.cfg with a text-editor like notepad.

Q: I've found a cheat menu, but it doesn't work!

A: The three cheat menus are only partially functional.

Q: My problem is not in this list, what do I do now?

A: Ask for help on the Keeper Klan forum or Discord or report an issue on GitHub. Be sure to include your keeperfx.log file. If it is possible to reproduce the error by loading a specific saved game and doing a few simple actions, then attach the saved game.