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SHE_ORC V. 1.0 (Base Female ORC that grow up to SHE_ORC_ELITE after level 10)

Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Creature
Rating 4 / 5 5 ratings
Submission date 2023-12-11
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 11.33MiB
Downloads 58
File Filesize Downloads Date 11.33MiB 58 2023-12-11

This version of Orchess is not yet final. I made some changes to the graphics and the number of frames for the walk. It's not at its best yet but it has improved from the previous version. I fixed some errors in the TXT file. I added relax and rest animations for future applications.

PS: These animations (rest & rela) can be used in maps to make images of Female Orcs appear and make special action. For example a guard standing in part of a door. When the enemy come to close, with a spcript command DK can create a real She_Orc to fight

Installation Intructions

ORCHESS by Dragonlich


Thank you for downloading this creature. Here you will find instructions on how to install the creature in Dungeon Keeper FX

My creatures were created for my campaigns and may not be perfect, but I hope they still give you fun.


The configuration file (SHE_ORC.CFG) can be found in the @CFG folder

INSTALLATION: To install it in your maps, just follow this guideline that I propose.

a) Edit the "Keeper\fxdata\creature.cfg" file and add the SHE_ORC creature name last. If you want to add it to a campaign, proceed in the same way but changing the file path. For example: "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns


b) Make sure that the sounds indicated in SHE_ORC.CFG match the ones it was designed with, or adapt them. You

I recommend using the "DKSound" program.

c) Copy the "SHE_ORC.CFG" file from @CFG to "Keeper\fxdata" or for example "Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs" to insert it into a campaign.

e) Then copy the entire ZIP to "Keeper\fxdata" or if you have a favorite campaign to "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs"

f) If you want to add it to your map use "Unearth.exe", if everything is configured well you will find it among the last creatures available.

g) Add the text my Part-Object.cfg to your Objects.cfg with the right number in your fxdata folder. Change the number 999 to the right value.

---- Part-Object.cfg ----cut-----

[object999] Name = LAIR_SHE_ORC Genre = LAIR_TOTEM AnimationID = LAIR_SHE_ORC AnimationSpeed = 256 Size_XY = 0 Size_YZ = 0 MaximumSize = 300 DestroyOnLava = 0 DestroyOnLiquid = 0 RelatedCreature = SHE_ORC Health = 0 FallAcceleration = 0 LightUnaffected = 0 LightIntensity = 0 LightRadius = 0 LightIsDynamic = 0 DrawClass = 2 Persistence = 2 Properties = EXISTS_ONLY_IN_ROOM DESTROYED_ON_ROOM_CLAIM DESTROYED_ON_ROOM_PLACE UpdateFunction = UPDATE_OBJECT_SCALE

---- Part-Object.cfg ----cut-----


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Nice my Orc now has a friend!!!

we just need some goblins now :)

ben_lp 🇩🇪

no lair ? ;)

The lair is included in the json

ben_lp 🇩🇪

and there are no sound files

The sound che be fixed or you have to wait until I finish assembling. This is a NOT definitive creature. :-)