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Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Creature
Rating 4.33 / 5 3 ratings
Submission date 2023-12-20
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 1.17MiB
Downloads 45
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.17MiB 45 2023-12-20

This version is intended to be used as a close combat unit only. So no lighting or other remote magic. He sees the invisible and cannot be imprisoned. It is used alongside ranged units such as skeleton_arch or more powerful units such as Shadows. can be created in the temple with 2 zombies. (This is the campaign setup)

Installation Intructions

The configuration file (NEW_SKELETON.CFG) can be found in the @CFG folder

INSTALLATION: To install it in your maps, just follow this guideline that I propose.

a) Edit the "Keeper\fxdata\creature.cfg" file and add the NEW_SKELETON creature name last. If you want to add it to a campaign, proceed in the same way but changing the file path. For example: "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs\creature.cfg".

b) Make sure that the sounds indicated in NEW_SKELETON.CFG match the ones it was designed with, or adapt them. You I recommend using the "DKSound" program.

c) Copy the "NEW_SKELETON.CFG" file from @CFG to "Keeper\fxdata" or for example "Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs" to insert it into a campaign.

e) Then copy the entire NEW_SKELETON.ZIP to "Keeper\fxdata" or if you have a favorite campaign to "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs"

f) If you want to add it to your map use "Unearth.exe", if everything is configured well you will find it among the last creatures available.


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