Create your own maps and campaigns for KeeperFX and DK1 with Unearth.

You can find it here.


Created by rainlizard
Category Application
Rating 5 / 5 12 ratings
Submission date 2023-03-20
Last updated 2023-10-13
Filesize 23.24MiB
Downloads 603
File Filesize Downloads Date
unearth-0.41.426-windows.7z 23.24MiB 137 2023-12-10
unearth-0.41.426-linux.7z 25.31MiB 12 2023-12-10

A map editor made for Dungeon Keeper 1 and KeeperFX, prioritizing ease of use and extending map editing capabilities.

When running the editor you'll be prompted to locate the game executable. After which subdirectories will be detected, and maps will be browsable and playable using the 'Play' button. To see all editor controls check the Help menu.

You can set up file association on Windows with any of the map file types (.slb, .clm, .tng, etc) and the editor will open the map when you open the file in Windows. You can also drag a file into the editor window to open the map.

Official homepage:

Installation Intructions

Extract the archive to a place of your choosing using a tool such as 7zip.
Then run Unearth.exe and point it to your KeeperFX or Dungeon Keeper directory.

The Linux download can be found by clicking on the Show all versions (2) link here on the download page. Just extract it somewhere and chmod (+x) the Unearth.x86_64 bin. You should then be able to run it and it will work the same as the Windows version.


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I have been wishing I could make maps since I first got the game in the late 90's... of course the level editor in the original never worked properly.... but now!!!! this is absolutely fantastic... Huge thanks to Rainlizard for making this possible!!!!!


Much awesome

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

Older versions can be found on the Unearth homepage. will only mirror the latest version.

walter253 🇻🇨

New version!

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

Seriously the best DK/KFX map editor! Great work!