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DEFENDER_GLOBE (Globby) Ver 0.5

Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Creature
Rating 4 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2024-06-16
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081
Filesize 648.95KiB
Downloads 18
File Filesize Downloads Date 648.95KiB 18 2024-06-16

The creature can not move, does not ask for money and even food. It is a creature to be used as a kind of defensive turret. It also works on its own but in some cases it gets messy and doesn’t react to attacks closely. I repeat it is not a problem because it was conceived as a point of defense manned by the keeper.

Installation Intructions

read readme.txt


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very odd that i cant get it to spawn, its listed in unearth and i can see the ID but cant spawn it? and there is no fireball_red for me to add into magic.cfg

Okay, so you’ll find the fireballs in a collection here on Be’s workshop. I didn’t quite understand. Can’t you put it on your maps? Can't be attracted by portal, you just have to place it where you need it. It can then be moved by your hand later.

you should include the fireball magic shot and instance into your zip.

the problem i got is still the same, i see the ID but its not in the creature tab like all the others, its just not there and i never had this problem before, something is missing here

The new Fireball isn’t mine. You can download it here ( there should be all the instructions for how to do it. Anyway, if you want help, faster would be better if you contacted me on Discord as Dragonlich.

thanks very much! thankfully its literally just copy&paste but i still dont know why it wont show up in the creature tab in unearth, like anything else, this problem still continues and i dont even know how to fix it since its just copy&paste, literally.

Additional creatures typically require a little knowledge of the various CFGs in DKFX: I admit it’s a bit messy! Make sure you have done the following steps:

  1. creatures.cfg --> add the exact name of the creature putting it last in the list.
  2. Make sure you have copied the zip file to D: GAMES Keeper fxdata (or relative)
  3. Make sure the file . cfg of the creature you find in @cfg of the zip file is copied as I wrote in the file readme.txt in eg:D: GAMES Keeper creatrs" If you want send me your cfg files

thank you :) but i know all that, as i said, its really just copy&paste, i did everything correctly, i also got a lot of custome creatures already, its just that this particular one isnt appearing in my creature tab in unearth, which is just odd

I don’t know what to tell you. It’s like all the other creatures to me. I repeat, if you want us to look together at the various CFGs etc. tell me, but keep in mind that I don’t often read here on the site. I am more easily found on discord

yeah its really weird but its not gonna break my fun of the game, it just seemed like a neat creature but i dont know why its not appearing in the creature tab but the ID can be seen, whatever.

Send me your cfg if you want to fix it..

dunno why but it works now, i did absolutely nothing! thanks for the creature, pretty dope.

Ahaha! Funny... Ok.. So did you test it? You should consider it as a defensive tower of your dungeon.

yeah, well, i really dont know whats going on lmao but im not complaining, sometimes stuff fixes itself.

hell yeah i test it out and i like it a lot but i got a problem with it, can you make it so its not be able to be picked up? the stupid AI is picking them up, throwing them into the battle and wasting them pretty much

Ahahah! I designed it for the player and for the players that use roaming. : -) You could ally a player who is not put on the map and then place the Globe as that color. I use them for White and for the player I decide to ROAMING Honestly, I didn’t think to use it to a normal keeper.

yeah i wanted to give them some extra defence, i placed some in the heart room as well as around the map and in general just critical points, before a door, after a door but that doesnt work if they can still pick it up! haha.

nice that you mention roaming, that is good to know, thanks

Add this to the level script;


Perfect & quick solution :-)

just doesnt seem to work

i tried it and i can still pick it up?

Incorrect syntax on my part, it needed to be 'RULE1' and not just '1'. I've corrected the post.

The orbs can still be moved by slapping though, and there currently isn't any way to fix that.

thanks again <3

i cant still pick them up xD

hey mate thanks a lot!! have a good one