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Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Other
Rating 5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2023-11-20
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081
Filesize 207.13KiB
Downloads 8
File Filesize Downloads Date 207.13KiB 8 2023-11-20

This campfire is designed to be used in an area that the heroes use as a base camp and are supposed to defend. It should be paired with a terrain type that has the characteristics of "Guard Post" but is identical in appearance to "unclaimed terrain". However, it is possible to place it in the center of an area with barracks or a guard post. It gives off light and gives a nice effect in a game.

F = Fire_camp

Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, please contact me.

Installation Intructions

To be able to add this object to your maps you must insert the following lines into objects.cfg After that put this "" file in the folder that contains objects.

Put in the object.cfg the

AnimationID = FIRE_PLACE
AnimationSpeed = 250
Size_XY = 0
Size_YZ = 0
MaximumSize = 200
DestroyOnLava = 0
DestroyOnLiquid = 0
Health = 200
FallAcceleration = 0
LightUnaffected = 0
LightIntensity = 50
LightRadius = 10
LightIsDynamic = 3

Replace xxx with the correct number sequence


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For some reason, when I place these in my map, i get a stationary Hound instead..?

Yani Admin

The running hound animation is shown when there's an issue with the sprites. Maybe you have put the .zip in the wrong position or you messed something up with the .cfg.


I don't know why, but this still won't work for me, I have it in the right number sequence in my objects [object169] and have the zip in the correct fxdata folder as every other add on.. weird, everything else I have downloaded has worked perfectly..

Yani Admin

Have you looked into the keeperfx.log file? There might be something that explains it there. You can ask on the Keeper Klan Discord to probably get a faster and better answer.


This sounds really complicated. I think you need a more comprehensive set of instructions. I'm an old timer, and I'd have no idea how to use this.

dragoonlich Submitter

Hi, I understand you. However, things are quite simple if you follow the instructions found in the readme.txt file inside the ZIP. You need to extract just that file or at least consult it. If you still have problems let me know I'll try to explain better.

Loobinex Admin • Edited

I formatted your installation instructions, making it easier to read.

dragoonlich Submitter

Thank you

Yani Admin

Do you have ingame pictures?

dragoonlich Submitter

I add 1 pic

Yani Admin

Making heroes "camp" the campfire is also possible by spawning them and setting their objective to DEFEND_LOCATION

dragoonlich Submitter

Yes! You are right! Good idea!