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Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Other
Rating 4 / 5 7 ratings
Submission date 2023-11-20
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081
Filesize 1.93MiB
Downloads 29
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.93MiB 29 2023-11-20

FIRE_GLOBE by Dragonlich

This item is designed to create a zone of power in the dungeon. Someone also used it as the heart of the Dungeon: Use it however you want, but I advise you NOT to decrease the number of frames and not to do it too fast or too slow.

Installation Intructions

To be able to add this object to your maps you must insert the following lines into objects.cfg After that put this "" file in the folder that contains objects.

Put in the object.cfg the

[objectxxx] Name = FIRE_GLOBE Genre = DECORATION AnimationID = FIRE_GLOBE AnimationSpeed = 250 Size_XY = 0 Size_YZ = 0 MaximumSize = 200 DestroyOnLava = 0 DestroyOnLiquid = 0 Health = 200 FallAcceleration = 0 LightUnaffected = 0 LightIntensity = 50 LightRadius = 3 LightIsDynamic = 1 Properties = CHOWNED_ON_ROOM_CLAIM DESTROYED_ON_ROOM_PLACE

Replace xxx with the correct number sequence


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I really like this, nice atmospheric set piece!

Thank you!