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Submitted by Spatulade
Category Map
Original creation date 2022-04-21
Rating 4.38 / 5 8 ratings
Difficulty 3.88 / 5 8 ratings
Submission date 2023-03-20
Last updated 2023-06-01
Filesize 48.44KiB
Downloads 51
File Filesize Downloads Date 48.44KiB 27 2023-06-01

A cramped, classic-style map with many hidden rewards, and many hidden dangers. Dig carefully and trust your senses.

This map contains many pockets of water and many wandering heroes, who will be a threat earlier on but will be more fodder for your army when subverted to your cause. At the water's edge lies a walled-up rival Keeper and a tough hero fort, which can be tackled in any order, but defeating one will surely cause the other to strike while your back's turned...

--Update-- 31/05/2023 - Fixed a pretty devastating bug where heroes spawn infinitely (always check your ENDIFs!)

Installation Intructions

Copy these files into any relevant levels folder (e.g. personal)


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I liked how hard it was to establish a basic dungeon, and all the goodies hidden all over the place. (I just checked the fully revealed map and it turns out I actually missed a lot of them!) Early on I lost a bunch of stuff to Fairy ambushes, I forgot how devastating they can be.

The rest went fairly smoothly. Winning against Blue wasn't too hard once I made it to the bottom left Gems. I let him fight the big group of heroes first, then finished him off.

I figured I'd get Blue out of the way and killed his Heart asap which was a terrible idea. I hadn't saved recently so I didn't feel like re-playing the level to also clear out the Hero fortress. I imagine it's fairly standard stuff? You have 3 gems at that point so I can't imagine it being too tough.

Checking the level script I really like the tricks you pull to make Blue seem more competent, especially with his Scavenger Room.

Solid stuff, I liked it

Spatulade Submitter

Glad you guys like it!


So ive played the map now. Its a good and fun map. personaly i didnt like all the mechanics in the map, but as said b4 its a good and fun map! Good Job!


I played it and it's a fun map, it's worth a play!


will give it a try out. Looks good!