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Turn Imps into Tunnellers (Graphics/Sound swap)

Submitted by Spatulade
Category Creature
Rating 5 / 5 1 rating
Submission date 2023-09-11
Last updated 2023-09-12
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 3.05KiB
Downloads 143
File Filesize Downloads Date
tunneller_imp.cfg 3.05KiB 143 2023-09-11

An alternate .cfg file that makes your Imps look and sound like Tunnellers (but they are still Imps, and move and act just like them). Useful for Hero campaigns.

Installation Intructions

To use, take the file (tunneller_imp.cfg), and add it to your campaign/level pack in the appropriate _crtr folder (and change the campaign/level .cfg to point to it). You can either rename it to imp.cfg to make all Imps in the campaign/level pack look/sound like Tunnellers, or keep it as tunneller_imp and then edit other files to either add the creature as an additional creature or as a swappable creature. You can even replace the main imp.cfg with this to change the appearance in general campaigns/levels.


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Thanks! :D just seemed like an obvious one

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

It looks like their speed is also changed. Are there any other changes except for sound and graphics?

Only sound and graphics. They have the same speed as Imps. The gif is just messed up and plays at a weird speed because I recorded it using the ingame recorder.