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Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Creature
Rating 4.5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2024-02-12
Last updated 2024-02-13
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 1.27MiB
Downloads 27
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.27MiB 24 2024-02-13

Finally a decent dwarf who will fight you ferociously. This is a modification of the tunneller which in my opinion has beautiful animations but is basically an idiot :-)

13-2-2024 Fixed some animation problems

Installation Intructions

To install it, add DWARF_ELITE to the creature.cfg list at the end of the list of existing creatures. while the Nano configuration can be found in the @cfg subfolder in the zip. Then you have to move the entire ZIP, without modifying it, to the FXDATA folder or to the "your_camppain.cfg" folder) The work isn't finished yet but I wanted to post it anyway. There may be broken horns somewhere that I will take care of fixing as soon as possible.


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The art of details - good work! My futur unik thief is ginger - surprisingly everything makes sense ^^

I would simply like to add + dwarves underground. Ultimately I think that they are the ones who should be more present and stronger than the other heroes. For example, I really don't see the fairy as a dungeon explorer!

I was thinking a day about use 256 pictures from dwarf (this one is visually better than the mountain one, I'm agree) and simply recolore it into a stone/or metalic/or golden/or gemstone shade before to resize them quite bigger than the vanilla to figure a "mecanic dwarf" that can dig and being a kind of boss (is the method I use to make a "chickenausorus" but the trick is infinitly easier with the dwarf). Is it a good ideas to you?


Need 4 more colours and we can do the map:

White Ass and the Seven Hands Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! :p

:-) I have Snow white.. Do you want see her?


ben_lp 🇩🇪

a little Santa Dwarf, how sweet