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JSON maker

Submitted by qqluqq
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Original creation date 2023-12-19
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Creates a JSON file for custom sprites and custom images.

To use, download the KeeperFX GFX Archives. Then put the extracted files in the correct folder and run jsonner.bat to get the json you want.
The JSON will hold the folder structure as present in that folder, and the sprite offsets are automatically set from the filelist txt files inside.

If you want to make a custom ghost, you want to download the default ghost and edit the images of the original ghost, and put that back in the game as a custom sprite.
You download and extract the gfx files then navigate to the /enginefx/sprites-32/creatures/creature_ghost/ folder inside, and put jsonner there. Double click it and get a json file for a ghost.

Installation Intructions

This application requires Python to be installed on your PC. Download and install from here:

The application itself just needs to be extracted and does not require any further installation.


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Very useful. 😎

What version of Python should I have at least? On the PC where I have all the things related to DK I have Windows 7 and it seems that the various versions of Python are not compatible. (I don't understand why but ok)

qqluqq Submitter • Edited

idk what the minimum would be but the latest 3.x should do