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Colour Swapper

Submitted by qqluqq
Category Application
Rating 5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2023-08-12
Last updated 2024-02-11
Filesize 93.50KiB
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File Filesize Downloads Date 93.50KiB 31 2024-02-11 1.01MiB 57 2023-08-26

Update 11/02/2024 (by Spatulade):

  • Updated palettes to avoid duplicates.
  • Added palette maker
  • Added many, many other palettes that may be useful, such as variants of 'one step lighter/darker' and palettes for in-enging lighting.
  • a few notes :)

script to batch recolor sprites with the dk pallete

install python to run is the file you want to run, not the png lib

includes sample of a recolored knight

the in folder should have all images you want to recolor

output will be placed in out folder

mask folder is for when only part of the image needs recoloring, in sample the knight gets recolored without also recouloring the torture table

pal_in.png should just stay the same,

pal_out.png should be modified to the new colours you want in the output


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Nice tool!

Very useful!