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Dk2 to KeeperFx map converter

Submitted by qqluqq
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Submission date 2023-04-30
Last updated 2023-04-30
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made this tool out of some code by mefisto that parsed a dk2 map and implemented Adikted into it does the slabs, it's ownership, and creatures preplaced on map, no script or other things on map

to use place files in zip in Dungeon Keeper 2\Data\editor\maps

then run 'dk2mconv.exe DK2MAPNAME levels/mapDK1MAPNUMBER d' in command prompt from that folder eg. "dk2mconv.exe Level1 levels/map00001 d" or edit the included conv.bat file, and run that

since it uses custom mapsizes the produced maps will only run on the latest alpha maps will always be square due to a bug in adikted, will just take the longest of the 2 axis, and center the other axis maps over 85 in either axis will not work properly yet

code available here


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