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Dark Knight

Submitted by ben_lp
Category Creature
Rating 3.71 / 5 7 ratings
Submission date 2023-09-17
Last updated 2023-09-17
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 546.67KiB
Downloads 124
File Filesize Downloads Date 546.67KiB 123 2023-09-17

Here's the dark Knight. Attracted by at least 9 Tiles of the Temple.

Here some Stats i gave him:

Health: 750 Strength: 65 Armour: 85 Dexterity: 125 Defence: 90 Luck: 13

the Lair is made by Tazio Firelli

Installation Intructions

Custom creature only works with KeeperFX, to import the Dark Knight into your game:

Go in your fxdata/creatures folder and add the Dark_Knight into the creatures.cfg like my picture shows above.

Make sure you have the latest released version available of KeeperFX, it is also recommended to have the latest alpha patch.

Move dark_knight.cfg into your mappack/campaigns/personal creatrs folder. Or into KeeperFX\creatrs folder.

Move (/!\ do not extract it!) into your mappack/campaigns/personal rules folder. Or into KeeperFX\fxdata folder.

the object.cfg has the Lair in it, you need to add my text from the "Object 150" into your fxdata/objects.cfg after Object 149


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Hi guys! I completly remade my old"dark knight"(the father of this one) to a "black knight" (according to VO ^^') from the original knight, a return to the sources : at this day, the work isn't finished neither fully tested; balanced configs are missing but visuals are completly done, So the new one loose less details from the original knight (the old has been recolorized twice) and all the colors are on the game palette, the cutted horn is more stable frame to frame. More interesting, now he have a long (emo) plume on helmet made from the mistress hair, a green plume to distinguish him from any other creature -especialy the original knight (he's not anymore just a recolorization of the vanilla but an original chimera, I heard you xD but it's work- The lair has been completly rethought from this one whom is almost free to use (I think now its ugly) : the new one is an "iron throne" from GOT remake with bloody swords at its back ^^. Because I want to promote elite creatures and bosses and don't spend so much time for a lonely use, so I didn't make a knight... but three! Discover wich colors will be the "new black" his season in dungeon fashion! At the end, almost 50 shades of knights will be made XD... There colors can be usefull for elites but also with various level bosses or for princes. You can find all the stuff with the new animations here, I explain all (really all!) changes : It's not fully finished yet to be posted as a "ready to play" mod, it's needs to be tested and balanced (and his specific room!), but all the visuals had been made. Feel free to use the ben_lp's config or to custom yours ;-)

Like it!!

would be cool if his model be that of the black knight from DK2 instead of just recoloring but anyway its cool!

What can I say? This is a Knight but darker 😅 but it's interesting to have it.

Dark Knight goes brrrrrrt

bit confusing as the first screenshot he's blue, and the second one more brown

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter • Edited

yes sorry i forgot that it isnt the dark knight from Tazio Firelli anymore because we made him more brown than blue. so my first Profile Pic was misleading