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Lushmeadow-on-Down MP

Submitted by Spatulade
Category Multiplayer Map
Original creation date 2023-08-14
Rating Not rated yet
Difficulty Not rated yet
Submission date 2023-08-13
Last updated 2023-08-14
Min. game version Latest KeeperFX alpha patch
Filesize 50.54KiB
Downloads 10
File Filesize Downloads Date 50.54KiB 8 2023-08-14

A quick edit of Lushmeadow-on-Down into a multiplayer map. This still uses the same units and unlocks as before, so it makes for a big departure from most MP maps. Let me know if a full set of creatures/spells/rooms would be more fun.

Update 14/08/2023:

  • Made Biles harder to acquire (needing 25 tiles of Workshop as well)
  • Added more Biles and Warlocks to the pool
Installation Intructions

Put it in campgns/keeporig and run multiplayer.


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Yani Admin

Cool! :P