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Yellow Keeper Icons Pack

Submitted by Spatulade
Category Other
Rating 5 / 5 5 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-30
Last updated 2023-07-30
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 171.49KiB
Downloads 39
File Filesize Downloads Date 171.49KiB 39 2023-07-30

A set of custom icons for levels or campaigns where you play as the yellow Keeper. Replaces the icon for the Guard Post, CTA spell, Alarm Trap, and the casting cursors for Create Imp and CTA.

Installation Intructions

Place the files in the "yellow_cfgs" folder into the cfgs folder for your campaign/levels folder. The magic, terrain and trapdoor .cfg files will replace the icons for the room, spells and trap, but if you already have custom versions of those for your levels you will need to add these to the files.


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Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

This should be included in KFX by default! Whenever you are one of the different Keepers! :P