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ImpLauncher BETA

Submitted by Yani
Category Application
Original creation date 2023-07-14
Rating 4.71 / 5 7 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-14
Last updated 2023-09-03
Filesize 810.63KiB
Downloads 437
File Filesize Downloads Date
implauncher-0.4.5.jar 810.63KiB 35 2023-09-09
implauncher-0.4.4.jar 809.74KiB 25 2023-09-02
implauncher-0.4.3.jar 809.70KiB 11 2023-09-02
implauncher-0.4.2.jar 808.51KiB 13 2023-09-01
implauncher-0.4.1.jar 808.50KiB 13 2023-08-31
implauncher-0.4.0.jar 807.08KiB 20 2023-08-27
implauncher-0.3.3.jar 775.95KiB 15 2023-08-25
implauncher-0.3.2.jar 774.00KiB 19 2023-08-23
implauncher-0.3.1.jar 771.44KiB 15 2023-08-22
implauncher-0.3.0.jar 771.49KiB 16 2023-08-22
implauncher-0.2.1.jar 767.50KiB 17 2023-08-21
implauncher-0.2.0.jar 766.32KiB 17 2023-08-20
implauncher-0.1.5.jar 761.43KiB 18 2023-08-17
implauncher-0.1.4.jar 760.92KiB 25 2023-08-12
implauncher-0.1.3.jar 760.63KiB 14 2023-08-12
implauncher-0.1.2.jar 756.70KiB 23 2023-08-05
implauncher-v0.1.1-beta.jar 756.41KiB 22 2023-08-03
implauncher-v0.1.0-beta.jar 756.41KiB 17 2023-08-02
implauncher-v0.0.4-beta.jar 733.33KiB 48 2023-07-15
imp-launcher-0.0.2.jar 1.32MiB 25 2023-07-14
imp-launcher-0.0.1.jar 1.31MiB 23 2023-07-14

A modern launcher for KeeperFX that integrates with the website.

  • 🚀 Automatic Updater
  • 🖥 Cross Platform
  • 🌐 Website integration
  • 🎁 Improved Installer
  • ⚡ Crash Reporter
  • 🔧 Revamped Settings


🚀 Automatic Updater

An automatic updater is implemented that asks you to update your game to the latest stable or alpha version. It will know what version you are using and will ask you to update when a new version is released. It will also add new cfg variables to the existing config so that your chosen settings will never be lost.

🖥 Cross Platform

ImpLauncher is written in Java which makes it natively run on Windows, Linux and Mac. On non-Windows systems it will try and use Wine to start the game.

🕹 Website integration

The launcher window shows the latest workshop items and news from the website! Stay up to date with the latest changes involving KeeperFX! It also has a big Workshop button that opens the workshop in your browser.

🎁 Improved Installer

The included installer can grab the required DK files from many different sources including the original CD, the GOG digital gold edition and even existing KeeperFX installations. It also has the ability to automatically copy over the background music from the Digital Gold edition.

⚡ Crash Reporter

When your game crashes you now can now choose to send a crash report to the developers. It grabs details about the crash and you can even include a save-file and write a description of the crash.

🔧 Revamped Settings

The settings have been created in such a way that they are less technical and much easier to configure than the original launcher. Run-options and .cfg file variables have been combined which makes it much easier to configure.

Installation Intructions

Download the .jar file and put in your keeperfx directory.

Java is required and you can download an opensource runtime environment here:

To start just double click the .jar file, if that doesn't work you might have to update your java version.

You can also make a shortcut by right clicking on it and Show more options > Send to > Desktop.


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Yani Submitter Admin


  • Now shows the path where KeeperFX will be downloaded to during a fresh install.
  • Tries to fix the filenames of the original DK files when they have been manually copied over.
  • Workshop items now also have their category shown
  • Reverts the window size change, which now somehow is different on linux and windows...
  • Fixed the self updater calling java in an unreliable way on windows
  • Fixed the self updater failing to replace implauncher.exe
  • Fixed a few typos
Yani Submitter Admin


Yani Submitter Admin


  • Fix the list of files that's being checked for automatic DK folder discovery
  • Improve and add some checked DK folders
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Now automatically finds a suitable Dungeon Keeper installation dir to copy the DK files
  • You can now select to install the Alpha build when KeeperFX is not installed
  • Other small changes and fixes
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Fix updater choosing stable over alpha when changing builds while using a prototype
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Improve prototype build support
  • Fix window sizes for updater dialogs
Yani Submitter Admin


  • ImpLauncher can now download KeeperFX by itself
  • Improved the settings panel (You'll now get a notice when a run-option is changed)
  • Lots of changes in install flow to make it easier to use and understand for less technical users
  • Installation process now asks if you want to load ImpLauncher suggested settings
  • The "Install" button is now hidden if the Dungeon Keeper assets have already been installed
  • Only asks to update ImpLauncher if the new version is newer
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Added the ability to automatically switch between Stable / Alpha builds. (Settings -> ImpLauncher -> Game Build)
  • Window title now always shows the version of ImpLauncher
  • Fixed canceling the game update process
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Changed the Alpha download URL to match the new URL used by
  • Updated some GUI elements to look better

Be sure to read the 0.3.0 update log below for some information about an upcoming change in updates.

Yani Submitter Admin


  • Cancel button in Direct Connect window will not open the logfile anymore

Be sure to read the 0.3.0 update log below for some information about an upcoming change in updates.

Yani Submitter Admin


  • Updated the self-update mechanism
  • Made the game-update and self-update not check at the same time
  • Lots of technical changes to the project structure

It should now work better on Windows. If you are not on v0.3.0 yet and it doesn't download automatically, you'll have to download manually.

This updating mechanism paves a way to an .exe wrapper. I have to test the update mechanism in the next few updates and if it seems to be stable the workshop files will be changed to a .zip archive containing an .exe and .jar file. The .exe will help less technical people on Windows but will not be required. The .jar file will still be crossplatform and will be the core application.


Yani Submitter Admin

I noticed that the self-update mechanism doesn't work well on Windows. I'll look into ways to make this reliable.

One of the next updates will also contain an .exe that helps less technical people run the program. It will prompt to install the correct Java version if it's not available.

Yani Submitter Admin


  • Make it so keeperfx.cfg does not lose its structure when settings are saved
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Implemented Direct Connect functionality (ENET only)
  • Implemented online lobby count for masterserver (not yet added to KeeperFX)
  • Fix a small bug in Settings panel that prevented Save button from showing
Yani Submitter Admin


  • Added some checks to make sure 'keeperfx.exe' can be replaced during an update.
Yani Submitter Admin

Update 0.1.4:

  • Added a file write permission check when starting up the program

This makes sure that people aren't playing the game from a directory with wrong permissions.

Yani Submitter Admin

Update 0.1.3:

  • CrashReport is implemented. The window is also made less chaotic.

Please send crash reports! :D

Yani Submitter Admin

Update to 0.1.0

  • Implemented ImpLauncher self-updater
  • Added PNG/JPG screenshot options
  • Updated some GUI elements to be less visually buggy
  • Changed the text for mouse sensitivity
  • Added ImpLauncher and KeeperFX version to the title bar

This is the last manual update you should ever do! It should now automatically update! :)

Yani Submitter Admin

0.0.4 Should now run on Java 1.8.
I'm still experimenting with Java but I guess nobody should have any trouble anymore.

Yani Submitter Admin

I'm working on some updates to try and make it work on java 1.8.

If you are having issues, a solution might be to first uninstall everything related to JAVA or OPENJDK. ("Programs and Features" on Windows). And then install OpenJDK from Adoptium.


I can't make it works :/