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Submitted by Yani
Category Map
Rating 5 / 5 11 ratings
Difficulty 3.5 / 5 10 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-29
Last updated 2024-05-17
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 16.71KiB
Downloads 283
File Filesize Downloads Date
Puzzlebox_v1.3.0.7z 16.71KiB 2 2024-05-17
Puzzlebox_v1.2.0.7z 16.33KiB 93 2023-12-12
Puzzlebox_v1.1.1.7z 16.21KiB 71 2023-08-04
Puzzlebox_v1.1.0.7z 16.28KiB 28 2023-07-31
Puzzlebox_v1.0.2.7z 16.47KiB 29 2023-07-29
Puzzlebox_v1.0.1.7z 16.12KiB 30 2023-07-29
Puzzlebox_v1.0.0.7z 16.13KiB 33 2023-07-29

Puzzlebox is a puzzle map that uses a handful of new KeeperFX features to create a fun and challenging experience for both casual and veteran players.

Completion time varies depending on knowledge of game mechanics, but the average is around 1h30.

Please do not discuss spoilers in the comments. :) If you need help you can contact me on the Keeper Klan Discord.

Thanks to @Spatulade and @desert for playtesting.

Installation Intructions

Extract the files into /levels/standard.


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Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin • Edited


  • made the dog spawn more obvious
  • made the dogs not give exp
  • made a dangerous room more forgiving
  • removed the ability to create libraries
chris_96449 ðŸ‡Đ🇊

I simply had to add that this map is perhaps the pinacle of creativeness and fun that could have ever been put into a DK1-map. To me there is no other map that could ever match the level of professionalism that was put into this map. Thank you very much for letting us playing this masterpiece! (I mean there is even Walter in this map!)

Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin

Again, thanks a lot! :P Really glad you like it

Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin


  • Fixed an issue where imps could get stuck
  • Made sure you can not lose some required spells after researching them
walter253 ðŸ‡ŧðŸ‡Ļ

will there be a 1.3.0?

Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin

Possibly. I might update the door and the creatures behind it so it's easier to understand what do to there.

I'm also thinking of a Puzzlebox 2 ;)

walter253 ðŸ‡ŧðŸ‡Ļ

Puzzlebox is a captivating and thought-provoking concept that aims to expand your understanding of game mechanics, encouraging you to delve deeper and analyze the intricate puzzle-solving elements within. It offers an engaging experience that challenges your cognitive abilities, providing a platform for enhanced problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

chris_96449 ðŸ‡Đ🇊

This map is truly an experience. Being abysmal at puzzles, it took me severals hours to get through this map - experiencing episodes of pain and agony mixed with joy and relief. I must admit I also had some small help (thank you!). Perhaps the most unusual and interesting map I have ever played in DK1. Definitely a must-see for anyone interested in KeeperFx.

I would not recommend this map to beginners at all because it requires some in-depth knowledge of the game's mechanics. It is a welcome change for advanced and veteran players though. There are a few subtle hints hidden in this map, so keep your eyes open. Basically everything there has a meaning and is there for a purpose. This makes this experience even more rounded after completing the map. Unfortunately for me, I was completely oblivious to those hints.

Loved the ending and the final riddle the most. Thanks for all the effort you put into it.

Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin

I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the words :)

this map is an unusual approach to play DK1, i was catched immediately )) and i'm impressed of new features of KeeperFx!

walter253 ðŸ‡ŧðŸ‡Ļ


Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin • Edited


If you like puzzle maps, this is for you. It requires thinking about the game in a different way and using the tools at your disposal in ways you may not have thought about before. It requires some decent knowledge of the game's quirks, so is probably not recommended for absolute newcomers, but I think these features could be figured out with enough time and thought. Overall, a really fun map with some really unique challenges.

Yani 🇧🇊 Submitter Admin

Thanks a lot for playing man and leaving your thoughts. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

ben_lp ðŸ‡Đ🇊

finally the long awaited