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The Vampires Tomb

Submitted by GlaswegianBR
Category Map
Rating 4 / 5 5 ratings
Difficulty 2.5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2024-06-08
Last updated 2024-06-08
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.1.0
Filesize 47.97KiB
Downloads 25
File Filesize Downloads Date
The Vampires 47.97KiB 23 2024-06-08

Gather up, Train and Command your army to storm the gates of a Hero's lair in a mission to save a lone Vampire from his firey Tomb to Conquer the Realm!

Utilise the local Gold Seams to Train up your minions, Take the Gems to level up to the max before taking the fight across the Lava Chasm!

(3 Dungeon Specials to find Along with some Powerful Glass Cannons that will aid you in your Quest!)

"Call me Evil MF" - ben_lp

:Updates -Prison Disabled to Avoid Capturing Rogue Vampire and Converting for premature victory.:

Installation Intructions

Place files in KeeperFX/Levels/Standard


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It's an ok map, but can be improved upon. :)

-I would lose the reveal map special and possibly sight of evil. -Drop the heroes instead of just putting 20 of them in a small room -The other vampire is a bit strange, why is he in a neutral room with nothing in it? -The map has a lot of empty space, add more hero fortress or caverns for instance -The white wall on the player side doesn't add much, let the player discover the entrance to the fortress instead of forcing them.

GlaswegianBR 🇬🇧 Submitter

Cheers for the feedback! I'll implement some differences with the other opinions I got on the next update

I liked it

GlaswegianBR 🇬🇧 Submitter