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Ravine texture map

Submitted by xeonis
Category Other
Rating 5 / 5 2 ratings
Submission date 2024-05-20
Filesize 544.00KiB
Downloads 24
File Filesize Downloads Date
tmapa014.dat 544.00KiB 24 2024-05-20

A dark themed tileset intended for abyss / ravine environments. The lava slab here is modified to appear as a black pit, it is possible to make grounded creatures instantly disappear in it by drastically increasing lava damage.

Installation Intructions

Typically drop tmapa014 directly into data or change the number to an unused slot


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Pretty awesome! Nice to see someone make a 'lava is abyss' texture, and your colour choices are good (I like the water!). Good work finding colours that work!

Nice textures! Thanks!