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Industrial Action

Submitted by AdamPlenty
Category Map
Rating 4 / 5 3 ratings
Difficulty 3.67 / 5 3 ratings
Submission date 2024-05-15
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.1.0
Filesize 51.69KiB
Downloads 15
File Filesize Downloads Date
Industrial 51.69KiB 15 2024-05-15

Something rum is going on with your Imps; you most sort it out before it's too late!

Installation Intructions

Extract it to a map pack, such as standard or personal.


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The first time you probably don't make it in time, which makes it very grindy to win.

Getting in time makes it a bit dull cause there's not much to do afterwards.

Also Tunnelers are a pain in the ass (But that has nothing to do with this map :P )

ben_lp 🇩🇪

Fun map but you need to hurry, otherwise it's getting ugly