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Dungeon Keeper Level Previewer

Submitted by AdamPlenty
Category Application
Rating 5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2023-10-09
Last updated 2024-05-07
Filesize 1.47MiB
Downloads 101
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.47MiB 3 2024-05-07 1.48MiB 56 2023-10-15 1.48MiB 17 2023-10-13 1.46MiB 25 2023-10-09

Generates level previews and saves them as images. KeeperFX-oriented.


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Another question. Is there a way to make the UI a bit bigger? I can't read the full directory length

AdamPlenty 🇬🇧 Submitter

I'm afraid not; everything has to be scaled to the level size, or it would have looked weird.


How does it work?

AdamPlenty 🇬🇧 Submitter

What do you mean?

Do I just run the .EXE and it installs itself, or do I have to run it instead of the launcher? If I install it, can I play with other who do not have it installed?

AdamPlenty 🇬🇧 Submitter • Edited

Well, actually there is if you consider extracting the files from the zip installation.

AdamPlenty 🇬🇧 Submitter

You just run the .EXE. There's no installation.

I thought it were an Ingame Map Preview mod ^^'. I'm dumb sorry

Nice tool!