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Submitted by dragoonlich
Category Creature
Rating 4 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2024-04-16
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 543.44KiB
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File Filesize Downloads Date 543.44KiB 14 2024-04-16

This is a creature that I have always liked very much. In this configuration he is basically a fast scout.

I now realize my mistake. At the moment his "den" is not available. I'll add it shortly.

Installation Intructions

My creatures were created for my campaigns and may not be perfect, but I hope they still give you fun.


  1. First of all keep in mind that this creature is the adapted version of a creature from HERETIC or HEXEN

  2. The creature normally has its own custom sounds that you can find in my SOUND.DAT. NB: SOUND.DAT (Keeper\sound\SOUND.DAT) is changed in each new version or APLHA of DKFX so if you don't save it you can lose the custom sounds.

  3. The "Keeper\fxdata\creature.cfg" file is also overwritten by each DKFX update and therefore I always recommend you make a copy of it or you will have to add the name of the creature each time. Or create your own custom folder.

  4. If the CREATURE is instead inside my campaign (Morgoth or BBK) you shouldn't have any problems. But at the moment my campaign is not over.

  5. Many of the Italian -> English translations are done by GOOGLE TRANSLATOR which is not always the best, but it is very convenient. I apologize for this.

  6. The .CFG configuration file can be found in the @CFG folder

INSTALLATION: To install it in your maps, just follow this guideline that I propose.

a) Edit the "Keeper\fxdata\creature.cfg" file and add the MINI_DEMON creature name last. If you want to add it to a campaign, proceed in the same way but changing the file path. For example: "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs\creature.cfg".

b) Make sure that the sounds indicated in MINI_DEMON.CFG correspond to those with which it was conceived, or adapt them. I recommend using the "DKSound" program.

c) Copy the "MINI_DEMON.CFG" file from @CFG to "Keeper\creatrs" or for example "Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_crtr" to insert it into a campaign.

e) Then the entire ZIP in "Keeper\fxdata" or if you have a favorite campaign in "D:\GAMES\Keeper\campgns\Morgoth_cfgs"

f) If you want to add it to your map use "Unearth.exe", if everything is configured well you will find it among the last creatures available.


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I now realize my mistake. At the moment his "den" is not available. I'll add it shortly.