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The X Factor

Submitted by GlaswegianBR
Category Multiplayer Map
Rating 4 / 5 3 ratings
Difficulty 2 / 5 2 ratings
Submission date 2024-03-16
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 71.74KiB
Downloads 15
File Filesize Downloads Date
Xfactor 71.74KiB 15 2024-03-16

Simple 4 player Multi Map (Made it to kill time between making Campaign maps so very basic) Dig and gather as much gold from the centre as possible before invading your enemies Dungeon


  • 4 Neutral Reapers
  • 4 Enemy Archers
  • 4 Bile Demons to start (1 for Each keeper)
Installation Intructions

Extract to Keeperorg folder to have it show up in Multiplayer map


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walter253 🇻🇨

this reminds me of a map of warcraft or starcraft :p

GlaswegianBR Submitter

I have to be Honest. I haven't played either.


I think you mean 2v2. 4v4 means 8 players divided into two teams of four.

GlaswegianBR Submitter

Lol. Thank you I was half asleep typing that evidently 😂