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Calculation toolbox

Submitted by AncientWay
Category Application
Rating 5 / 5 6 ratings
Submission date 2024-01-30
Last updated 2024-03-04
Filesize 624.95KiB
Downloads 222
File Filesize Downloads Date
Calculations toolbox v1.21.xlsx 624.95KiB 62 2024-03-04
Calculations toolbox v1.2.xlsx 625.02KiB 49 2024-02-18
Spawn_rate_calculations v1.11.xlsx 234.99KiB 45 2024-02-04
Spawn_rate_calculations v1.1.xlsx 234.74KiB 66 2024-01-30

This excel file calculates various stuff, that can be useful for some theorycrafting (in rough single player maps or for multiplayer purposes) or just to satisfy your curiosity. At the moment this toolbox covers the following topics:

  • Creature spawn rates
  • Room efficiency

The ingame source code used to build the spreadsheet is provided for each topic. Do not hesitate to ask me to add more stuff to it, and I will see what I can do!

v1.21 - Edited some information fields

v1.2 - Renamed the file from "Creature attraction calculations" to "Calculations toolbox". Added the room efficiency calculation to the spreadsheet

Installation Intructions

This workshop item contains an Excel spreadsheet. You simply have to open it and enter your parameters regarding what you want to calculate. If you do not own Excel, an online version of this file is available here.

This is a read-only version, but you can download your own copy, and then enter your parameters regarding what you want to calculate.


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very helpful and intuitive for getting a feel for creature attraction! awesome work

Very easy to use and understand. Thanks for your work <3

Very useful, thanks!