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Work Smart not Hard

Submitted by Don_Fresh
Category Map
Original creation date 2023-07-14
Rating 3.5 / 5 4 ratings
Difficulty 1.5 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-14
Last updated 2023-07-18
Min. game version Latest KeeperFX alpha patch
Filesize 46.81KiB
Downloads 27
File Filesize Downloads Date
Work Smart not Hard.rar 46.81KiB 13 2023-07-18
Work Smart not Hard.rar 46.80KiB 8 2023-07-15

Welcome to "Work Smart, Not Hard," a meticulously crafted dungeon that challenges the conventional approach to conquest. This medium-hard map encourages cunning strategy and efficient resource management rather than overwhelming force, offering a refreshing twist for seasoned Dungeon Keepers.Within this meticulously designed dungeon, you will find a network of interconnected chambers and corridors that require astute planning and clever utilization of your resources. The name of the game is efficiency, as you aim to outwit two formidable enemies who have already established their strongholds within the map. Fixed a Pathway where a Player couldnt get Through

Installation Intructions

Extract the File in the Work Smart not Hard directory into your KFX/LEVELS/STANDARD Folder


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Yani Admin

no screen


Don_Fresh Submitter

nO sCrEeNsHoT?!???


No screenshot?