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Submitted by Yani
Category Multiplayer Map
Rating 4.25 / 5 4 ratings
Submission date 2023-03-20
Last updated 2023-07-11
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.5.0b Build 3081
Filesize 28.41KiB
Downloads 87
File Filesize Downloads Date
Scorge_v1.1.2.7z 28.41KiB 38 2023-07-11
Scorge_v1.1.0.7z 28.30KiB 28 2023-06-01

A lava based 1v1 PvP map.

There is a gem and 3 lvl 10 imps on each side that can be reached as soon as player researches the bridge. The bridge is researched after the torture chamber, which makes it so players have a hard time rushing.

The portal doubles your creature spawn rate, which makes it good to have and could lead to some interesting fights.

Installation Intructions

Extract the files in the archive to keeperfx/campgns/keeporig. The map uses map number 200 to not conflict with any original maps.


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walter253 🇻🇨

Hold Audience is not available on this map for some reason?

Yani 🇧🇪 Submitter Admin

I wanted to make the heart more fragile from attacks over the lava. I think it's more fun if you need to think about your defence than just having a spell to get all your creatures there instantly.

walter253 🇻🇨

Thanks for the answer, I understand it all makes senses now!