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Faqhuin's Chess

Submitted by dayokay
Category Map
Rating 3 / 5 2 ratings
Difficulty 3 / 5 1 rating
Original creation date 2021-05-09
Submission date 2023-06-01
Last updated 2023-06-01
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.4.9 Build 2762
Filesize 23.61KiB
Downloads 30
File Filesize Downloads Date 23.61KiB 30 2023-06-01

An chess-based arena map, where you, a great and famous Keeper have been invited to Faqhuin's realm to watch and participate in his festival of Evil games. Time is limited, and victory is solely based on defeat of the Avatar (The King).

  • Objects: Creatures: 44, Traps: 0, Doors: 2, Items: 20, Dungeon hearts: 2, Hero gates: 0, Special Boxes: 0
Installation Intructions

Read the Playing Custom Maps documentation page for information on how to play this map.


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This level can be easily won by possessing the avatar to kill enemy heart or enemy avatar at the start. This should be prohibited somehow.

dayokay Submitter

This was nowhere near finished, but just a demo of what I thought was an interesting idea. I'm glad it's posted, as I'm now motivated to do some work and make it more interesting and varied, I do recall, that the mistress guardians were there to clear the arena between the 'events', but I never added the next rounds! All suggestions welcome if you want to help out? dayokay