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XGHearth (Hardest map to date)

Submitted by 12114
Category Map
Rating 2 / 5 4 ratings
Difficulty 4.2 / 5 5 ratings
Submission date 2024-07-08
Last updated 2024-07-10
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.1.0
Filesize 46.34KiB
Downloads 28
File Filesize Downloads Date
map06666.rar 46.34KiB 9 2024-07-10
XGHearthOLD.rar 70.38KiB 19 2024-07-08

Difficulty: 13th circle of hell. I wanted the player to feel like they're in the fiery pits of inferno, listening to the screams of tormented souls throughout the map.

Hardest map to date. Can it be harder? Sure, but let's see if the community beat this one, or if it's hard enough already :)

There are rules. Must be played on KFX 1.10 stable with no saves (ironman mode), that's what it was balanced for. Can find the rest of the rules in-game but the remaining ones are common sense.

Is it possible? Yes, I already beat it (according to the rules ofc).

Good players only. Check out the promo:

Changelog info: Aesthetic changes only, no changes to difficulty were made. YM kept complaining that map 666 was taken, so I renamed it to map 6666 instead (yes... really... it's not as cool anymore). Broken script hero spawn removed (zero effect). Removed some other redundant stuff prefaced by "REM". The map is now a single map, instead of a single map mappack (more organized).

Installation Intructions

Extract to KFX folder then unzip. Then find the map under 'standard levels' in-game.


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The door above the Portal is locked, but doesn't appear to be. Is this intentional?

This shows up in a lot of maps that were made back in Adikted. Sometimes it's because the key has been deleted, and other times it is a fault of the door slab.

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

The OG Hearth map now has the key fixed as well. Horse probably used an old unearth version or old version of the OG Hearth map.

12114 Submitter

I used the OG Hearth as the base map, it's a nearly 30 year old bug. I think it's fixed in ng+ hearth. Least of your worries on this map anyway.

Sorry, not fun at all.

12114 Submitter

treebeard will beat it ez. Also about the fun comment, this is the only single player map where I've felt some adrenaline before beating it, it's that ironman mode/no save rule man, it's awesome.