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DKSound (DKTools)

Created by Danrham
Category Application
Rating Not rated yet
Original creation date 2007-07-10
Submission date 2024-05-28
Filesize 660.50KiB
Downloads 9
File Filesize Downloads Date
DKSound.exe 660.50KiB 9 2024-05-28

DKSound is a simple tool to open sound and speech files, and play the sounds within. It's useful to know the sound number for the PLAY_MESSAGE map command.

It comes from the DKTools pack but works on KeeperFX and is mirrored here for that reason.

Installation Intructions

Just run the executable and open a .dat file containing sound. The tool is French but the icons are easy to understand.

For speeches files in KeeperFX you'll have to rename one of the speech_<lang>.dat files to speech.dat for it to find the file.

It's a Windows tool but also works on Linux using Wine.


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