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Submitted by ben_lp
Category Map Pack
Rating 4.3 / 5 10 ratings
Difficulty 2.89 / 5 9 ratings
Submission date 2023-11-17
Last updated 2024-04-08
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.1.0
Filesize 25.21MiB
Downloads 185
File Filesize Downloads Date 25.21MiB 40 2024-04-08


Use the Secret door to conquest a hero castle.

this is a map pack i made for you

Moonbrush wood - easy
Blaise End - middle
nightmare - middle
tulipscent - hard

a lot of brandnew not released stuff, 2 new heroes,
new objects
new traps

you can make 1 skeleton out of 10 enemys, no ghosts, no imp imprisonment, no chance to convert, 20 bodies for 1 vampire needed, lightning spell only on own terretory

P.S: 9 Tiles attract the dark Elf
25 training and 25 temple the angel

Installation Intructions

extract into your Keeper FX directory


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ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

working now again on new alphas

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter • Edited

my objecets are broken in the newest alphas. i don't want to fix it because of further developing of FX. soon additional objects will be added then i will fix it and it'll be for good then.

chris_96449 🇩🇪 • Edited

Reviewing your new map - Nightmare

Nightmare is quire a unique map in many but only positive ways. I noticed that it is rather small map which I found refreshing in contrast to a larger quantity of maps available nowadays that take over an hour and so on. Through that, it feels very exciting from the beginning until the end. The game play mechanic was one I haven't encountered before, which not only the new (and extremely cool) creature contributed to but also the aspect of "collecting" the wizards. It made me wanted to explore further and see what happens next.

Like in the entire campaign, the new creature (the phalanx) was my personal highlight. It felt well balanced and well implemented into the world and it's role. Great work to have come up with such an idea. Love the high pitched voice it makes when you slap it. You have really thought about everything!

One creature I found a little bit lacking was the dark priest. Not sure what role it fulfills but somehow I had expected a little more. In contrast to what you have stated in the workshop in the item discription of your dark priest creature, it only had the skill Sight and didn't receive any further skills even when training it beyond level 8.

I found the ending to be very surprising and if I am honest I find it to be a mixture of unique and cool and a little odd. Still, I have to admit that this map is kind of unique and perhaps it is a fitting ending.

I have not experienced any particular bugs, only when I triggered the very first "lord of the land" on the hallway on the right hand side, one of my dark priests just died sleeping inside it's lair. Strangely enough, it was not damaged or harmed in any way and didn't take part in the battle. Unless it was a one-timer, I could imagine that it was related somehow to the final mechanic.

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter • Edited

you've played my map on an old Version with instance limit 64, please try it with a newer alpha. You have played my map without custom attacks because the whole game gets buggy.

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

i have fixed the missing objects in "Nightmare" and i changed the textmessages.

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

new map inside

I really enjoyed these levels. It's nice to see them in a different way, refreshing creatures. Were the wolftrap and beserker creatures ones that we going to be added at a later date? I have integrated the dark priest, elf and lava spawn into my main creatures (I hope you don't mind), but noticed in the creature file there were two that either had no zip file, or not all the animations programmed.

Was just curious, still really enjoyed the campaign as I said

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

well, yeah... the wolftrap is something we are still developing and i forgot to remove the name, the Berserker can be found in my Map "The Line" yes add my creatures and have fun, that's what i made them for. 2 Heroes have not all the animations yet, that's why i only used them as an enemy Hero without the chance to actually have them as a Creature. i saw in a Stream that Part didn't worked quite well, you can get a new hero with the "steal hero" magic box. so yes, i am still a beginner and every single Addition takes freaking lot of time. i think i'm going to polish my existing ones first now

Ah cool. I can appreciate it takes a time. Keep up the good work. I do like all the additions you’ve added.

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

i removed the "secret door" from tulipscent. it was not intented to have them

chris_96449 🇩🇪 • Edited

I had a lot of fun playing this campaign. I liked how you took some of the classic maps and modified them to make them a little more challenging. My highlight were definitely the new creatures and I couldn't wait to train them up to level 10 to see what they can do. I felt they fit well into the existing pool of creatures in regards of design, skills and behaviour within the dungeon. The only real issue I experienced is that you left me want to play a good campaign getting to know the new heros as well, as there was no means to convert them to try them out. Also, despite the amazing new creatures / heroes added I also liked how your unique new traps work. They felt more like a real and adequate defense than the original traps to me.

I am glad you modified the difficulty of the last map as it is quite tough and that blue keeper is getting all nuts. Finally, I want to say that I cannot wait to see more of your content, in particular getting to know the heroes, creatures and traps further.

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter • Edited

i made "Tulipscent" a bit easier, i guess it was too hard for many, it's still very challenging

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

i see i did a huge mistake. my heros need an icon for the battle menu. i am sorry for that and will add it as soon as possible

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter

ok i have fixed it ! new version out

ben_lp 🇩🇪 Submitter • Edited

i've made a small fix on the custom heart
i had an old version of the Flying Terror, he has Drain now