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Deaths Dance

Submitted by Don_Fresh
Category Multiplayer Map
Rating 2.67 / 5 3 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-18
Last updated 2023-08-13
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 45.69KiB
Downloads 35
File Filesize Downloads Date
DEATHSDANCE.rar 45.69KiB 35 2023-07-18

A medium-late game pased Map with Heroes inbetween the Blue and Red Keeper

Installation Intructions

Donwload the ZIP unpack it go into its DEATHSDANCE folder and drag&drop the files into your Keeperfx\campgns\keeporig folder.


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It takes far too long to get contact with the other human player, due to an insane amount of magic doors with boulders and other traps in the way. Even players that would like to play multiplayer in a way where both sides can get a fully decked out huge armies would probably not enjoy the doors.

I would think this map would have been better if the players could interact with each other in some way before they made it through the hero dungeon. Or at least you would have some visual queue of your opponents progress.

Fart special for blue player only works some of the time 0/10 unplayable.

But in all seriousness, it's not a bad map at all, besides the complete overuse of Magic Doors and Boulder Traps. These really make taking the centre frustrating without generating a large number of Ghosts to trigger the boulders. If the Magic Doors and boulders were toned down to a handful each, I would happily recommend this map.

(p.s. sorry i didn't understand how funny fart noise worked, if it only plays for the other player then ignore me on that cause I am dumb)