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Desecrated Ancient Tomb

Submitted by ben_lp
Category Map
Original creation date 2023-07-07
Rating 3.25 / 5 4 ratings
Difficulty 4 / 5 3 ratings
Submission date 2023-07-07
Last updated 2023-07-16
Min. game version Latest KeeperFX alpha patch
Filesize 42.89KiB
Downloads 27
File Filesize Downloads Date
standard.rar 42.89KiB 17 2023-07-16

This Realm is a Graveyard. Use the Vampires to survive the Herowaves and beat the enemy keepers

i´ve kept the map simple

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It's an interesting concept for a map but not very fun. I assume you're supposed to kill all the waves of heroes, then kill the other Keepers, but the map design makes you want to do the opposite. You only get Vampires and only get a few spells. It's basically pointless unlocking a lot of the other rooms after the Bridge as you can't attract other units, and since you therefore have almost nothing to do besides frameskip to train your vampires, you want to go downwards to this very VERY empty hero fortress which just randomly has a heart in one of the rooms. At this point you have fought a few heroes here and there and this empty fortress and undefended heart make you wonder if destroying it will help. And then you get ambushed by level 10 heroes, which is not fun and not something you would see coming, as the heroes you've fought before have been around level 4. You would assume destroying the hero heart would stop the heroes, but it does nothing, and the waves keep coming. By this point you want to rush the other Keepers because you have a decent army of vampires, and they don't have much back, but it becomes such a slog. I've never been more happy to find that Blue had Armageddon, letting me finish the map quickly.

The idea is interesting, but the map is really really empty, with nothing to do. I like the hero waves at the start that force you to train quickly that also give you more corpses, but there isn't anything else to do besides train and pointlessly research. It could be worth adding more things in the map, to find and for decoration. There really wasn't anywhere to explore, and the map looks bad with only a little bit of impenetrable rock used to separate the three keepers. Fill in the map a a little and make it look nice! Also, do something more exciting with this hero castle! Make it look nice, add decorations, add traps, add heroes to it! Make it seem intimidating if it's supposed to! At the moment it is abandoned, which doesn't give you any idea that you'll be jumped by level 10 heroes once you destroy the heart! Make it worth exploring, because currently there is literally no point in doing so.

In short, it's an interesting start but gets very boring very quickly.

ben_lp Submitter

i did a massive update

ben_lp Submitter

@ Savebuz This map should be easy but mostly theres one thing added which is challenging. Did you fortify the walls inside the white castle to block the enemys ?


fun map but VERY HARD!

ben_lp Submitter

i changed it after one keeper was defeated from player Good in Dofis Stream.