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Everraging War

Submitted by Don_Fresh
Category Map
Rating 3.33 / 5 3 ratings
Difficulty 1.2 / 5 5 ratings
Submission date 2023-06-29
Last updated 2023-06-29
Min. game version Latest KeeperFX alpha patch
Filesize 38.78KiB
Downloads 29
File Filesize Downloads Date
War.rar 38.78KiB 23 2023-06-29

You and your Ally need to work together to Conquer this realm. Dont get greedy and Dig to harsh soon. The only Way to destroy your enemies is through the middle of the map but be careful there are some surprises in there.

Installation Intructions

Open the Rar file and go into the WAR folder and then put all of the files into your KeeperFx/levels/Standard folder.


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Don_Fresh Submitter

Hello dayokey, yes the map is intended as it is. When the messages appear then either the enemys or your ally gets near to the middle, i made it so the mid fight is challenging and the only wayy to get to ur enemies. Consider this was my very first map i ever made and im a more chilled relaxed "take your time" player myself so its designed for that :) glad u still enjoyed it :)


I enjoyed playing this. But I got messages saying something was happening, but no-one came? It was basically a long train & research until I got destroy walls so I could break through. After the battle, then used armageddon and that was that. Was this as intended? Not a big point, but I'd use Unearth to randomise the map perimeter, as straight line rectangle doesn't look great?

I'm wondering if the heroes were added and supposed to dig towards my / yellow dungeon?

nice work! dayokay


i like the concept of the map very much. but the AI is what it is sadly. but i enjoyed it . its an very easy map if the AI dosnt go full bananas ^^


personal folder? it's for personal use and people may have their own modification which could make your map unplayable/unwinnable for them (or too easy) so it's best to place the map in standard folder