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You and your Buddy

Submitted by ben_lp
Category Map
Original creation date 2023-06-25
Rating 3.67 / 5 3 ratings
Difficulty 2.33 / 5 3 ratings
Submission date 2023-06-25
Last updated 2023-07-02
Min. game version Latest KeeperFX alpha patch
Filesize 35.53KiB
Downloads 27
File Filesize Downloads Date
standard.rar 35.53KiB 19 2023-07-02

Its an updated version out now.


  • Your Buddys Vampires are limited to 3
  • changed enemy Guardpost to alarm traps.
  • Gameplay changes (more creatures for the enemy keepers, Deleted the 2 OP Hornys)
  • "you and your buddy" are seperate words now.
  • more space for the dungeon
  • more messages
  • its easier now to get the drop onto your buddys area
  • sight on your twin from the start
  • enemys and your twin dont worry about gold anymore
  • set the Call to Arms for all Allied
  • Set the massive Endfight after a timer, its impossible now that your buddy and the enemy keepers fights before
  • Changed the room you get to "change slab" so the imps are active by claiming the enemy and its connected with your heart.
  • Added a white Dungeon Heart

In this map you have to compete with your twin against 2 other keepers.
It would be possible to increase the difficulty drastically, but I think it's the most fun as it is. That's why experts might be a bit underchallenged. The map is characterized by the fact that at the end you have every freedom to try out a few things, how to attack or the like and for me this map is the most fun so far of my created maps

Installation Intructions

Extract into your Level Folder


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i like the concept playing with an ally. the map was as you said very easy. my buddy did almost all the work without my help. for some reason i couldnt place creatures to help my ally until mid game?

good job and keep em comming :D


You could add some special to reward player that explore map, thing like increase level, ressurect creature or steal hero are always nice to discover, I think?

ben_lp Submitter

After I've played the map a few more times, I'd say I'll do an update soon to give the game more content. I have an open ear for every idea