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Barbarian Campaign

Created by darkkingkongman
Category Campaign
Rating 3.43 / 5 7 ratings
Difficulty 1.89 / 5 9 ratings
Original creation date 2014-08-17
Submission date 2023-06-09
Last updated 2024-05-08
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.4.8 Build 2154
Filesize 977.04KiB
Downloads 243
File Filesize Downloads Date 977.04KiB 29 2024-05-08 924.43KiB 17 2024-04-25 924.18KiB 197 2023-06-09

The Barbarian Campaign is about a group of normadic tribes people who want to lead a better life. By a better life, I mean one where they can ravage, loot and pillage. They are looking for an evil Keeper to lead them into glory, and, after hearing of your conquest on obliterating an entire Kingdom, they believe you are the only one worthy enough for the task. As you venture through your conquest, be on the lookout for Conan the Barbarian who is the tribes leader who is leading the expedition. Conan has also paid some devious wizards and fairies to also assist in your needs. Are you up to the task, Keeper? Or will you fail miserably?

This campaign takes place after the obliteration of the original campaign realms.

Installation Intructions

Extract into the KeeperFX game directory.


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An enjoyable campaign with some interesting levels and gimmicks. However, many level scripts need a slight update as they have "> =1" in room requirements - i.e. the intention is that when the play claims the room, they can then build them. But the space between the > and = means the script doesn't work that way, and the rooms are available from the start of the level. Simple text update and you can play the levels as they were intended.

I uploaded a new version where I cleaned the script up a bit. It's still a campaign that works in DK1, no need for KeeperFX.

Relatively easy campaign (after playing the other ones, this one's a cakewalk). Some of the maps are quite fun.

Fun campaign. i really enjoyed it.