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Baidu tieba Community Archive

Created by Baidu Tieba
Category Map Pack
Rating 2.83 / 5 6 ratings
Difficulty 4.4 / 5 5 ratings
Original creation date 2022-06-20
Submission date 2023-06-01
Last updated 2023-06-01
Filesize 3.25MiB
Downloads 115
File Filesize Downloads Date 3.25MiB 115 2023-06-01

Maps: 64 maps

In China there has been a sizable Dungeon Keeper forum community on the Baidu tieba for many years. Although most of their maps have been lost to time, some have been recovered and translated into English for our pleasure.

This historical archive consists of diverse maps, but many have been heavily inspired by Ancient Keeper and has the player facing large amounts of fully trained heroes.

Installation Intructions

Extract the archive into your KeeperFX levels folder. For users of older KeeperFX versions or the Deeper Dungeons, take the levels from the /baiduti/ subfolder and place them directly into your levels folder.


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These levels are hard, be aware.