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Submitted by Yani
Category Map
Rating 4.73 / 5 15 ratings
Difficulty 4 / 5 16 ratings
Submission date 2023-05-27
Last updated 2023-08-24
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 28.10KiB
Downloads 161
File Filesize Downloads Date
Vulkaan_v1.0.0.7z 28.10KiB 149 2023-06-01

A singleplayer map that features a volcano and starts out with limited space.

Don't progress too fast or you might get into trouble.

The goal is to kill the heroes to the east and the yellow keeper to the north.

Thanks a lot to Dofi for playtesting!

Installation Intructions

Extract the files into /levels/standard.


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Amazing map, both super fun and also challenging! how do you get to the hidden temple on the top left? it's surrounded by rocks!

Yani 🇧🇪 Submitter Admin • Edited

Hi. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There is a hidden tunnel close by that you can enter while being in possession.

walter253 🇻🇨

I like the hounds and this map features them so it's a good map.

chris_96449 🇩🇪 • Edited

Vulkaan was a more classic map - like in the good old times: red against blue (which was yellow for a change) with white inbetween. The limited space to build and expand made this map interesting to play as you had to plan a bit where to place your rooms. I had to watch my expenses too as money wasn't available in abundance which made me train my creatures stratetically and forced me to go through the hero's castle towards the gems at some point of the game.

To me this map had a well balanced difficulty and wasn't as punishing as other maps I tried. Still it was difficult enough to encourage strategic thinking. Again, a really fun map without any annoyances.

Spoiler ahead. Please don't read if you want to experience this map yourself Not sure if it was scripted or by accident: when I imprisoned the avatar and the strong heroes who followed him, the yellow keeper startet an all-out-attack with his dragons using call to arms to destroy my prison. This was quite a surprise which I haven't anticipated. I really liked it. Also: Mistresses saved me in this map.

Yani 🇧🇪 Submitter Admin

Hi. Glad you liked this map of me too. :P

Your spoiler is correct. Both the player and yellow get the bridge as soon as you kill white.