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OG - Custom Mode

Submitted by walter253
Category Mod
Rating 4.13 / 5 7 ratings
Difficulty 3.33 / 5 6 ratings
Submission date 2023-05-22
Last updated 2023-10-25
Min. game version KeeperFX 1.0.0
Filesize 1.48MiB
Downloads 312
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.48MiB 205 2023-06-06 1.48MiB 22 2023-06-01 1.46MiB 22 2023-06-01 1.46MiB 22 2023-06-01 1.46MiB 22 2023-06-01

This is the original campaign with a twist.

"You can apply different modifiers that will persist throughout the campaign, this world is always accessible, allowing you to turn off a modifier along the way if you don't want it anymore. Once you're ready, use the 'Ready!' box next to your Dungeon Heart."

You can choose up to 32 modifiers that you can combine as you wish.
  • Random Special Box: Spawn a random Special Box at your Dungeon Heart at the start of every level.
  • Random Creature Availablity: Change the availablity and pool of minions at random.
  • Random Creature Entrance Level: Change dynamically the level at which a new minion join your dungeon.
  • Random Creature Attribute: Change all minions stats at random.
  • Random Creature Instance: Change all minions abilities at random.
  • Random Creature Job: Change all minions primary and second job at random.
  • Random Trap Configuration: Traps will have random effect depending on their base type.
  • Random Settings: Tweak some rules settings at random.

  • Time Attack: You have 6 hours, 66 minutes and 666 seconds to complete the campaign. Can't be enabled or disabled after the first level.
  • Imps on Strike: Disable the ability to create Imps. If you have no more Imp, enable the ability until you create a new one.
  • Shackled Hand: Disable the Hand and all it's component like Slap and Pickup.
  • Broken Workshop: Disable the manufacture of doors and traps.
  • Losts Blueprints: Disable the research for advanced rooms.
  • Research Prohibited: Disable the research for spells.
  • Show no Mercy: Disable the ability to imprison.
  • Mind your Business: Disable the ability to possess creatures.

  • Death Mode: Periodically kill one of your minion.
  • Angry Mode: Your minions get angry overtime for no reason.
  • Betrayal Mode: Your minions may turn against you. Converted heroes will betray you at the first opportunity.
  • Chicken Mode: Periodically transform into chicken one of your minion.
  • Disease Mode: Your minions are permanently under Disease effect.
  • Freeze Mode: Periodically freeze one of your minion.
  • Slow Mode: Your minions are permanently under Slow effect.
  • Speed Mode: All minions are permanently under Speed effect.

  • Fog of War: Conceals part of the map such as Gold, Gem, Rock.
  • Angry Imps: Imps will destroy your rooms and walls and may steal your gold or join the enemy.
  • Bloodlust: Start each level with a level 10 Horned Reaper, but they can't be grabbed, always angry and may betray you at any time.
  • One-way Entrance: Dead creatures will not return to pool.
  • Buffed Heroes: Grants Protect, Rebound and Speed to all heroes. These buffs are permanent.
  • Doomsday Clock: Automatically use 'Armageddon' after 30 minutes.
  • Power is Maximum: Level up all minions to level 10, also evolve those who can.
  • The Book of the Dead: Your undead are under a spell that forces them to join the heroes.

Enjoy your suffering, Keeper!

Installation Intructions

Extract into your KeeperFX directory, find it in "Start New Game", campaign name is "A Dungeon Keeper OG - Custom Mode". Note that this campagin use recent scripts commands, make sure to have at least Alpha 3377, otherwise some feature may not work correctly.

Update Version 1d:

  • Change the name of the campaign, Custom Mode instead of Challenge Mode.
  • Change the possibles values for Ghost with Random Creature Attribute enabled to make them weaker overall so they are less appealing to mass on every levels whenever possible.
  • Various small fixes.

Update Version 1c:

  • Add back RUN_AFTER_VICTORY(1) script command on every levels.
  • Ghost, Skeleton and Vampire are now immune to disease.
  • Ghost, Skeleton and Imp can no longer be imprisoned.
  • Cast Disease Spell no longer available early with Monk and Witch with Random Creature Instance enabled, the Vampire can still get it at level 5.

Update Version 1b:

  • Replace Random Starting Gold with something more interesting, Random Special Box.
  • Reduced the possible value for random pay wage with 16 as minimum value and 128 as maximum value instead of 8 and 1024.
  • Increased the max pool of minions with Random Creature Availablity.
  • Tweak Random Trap Configuration for Poison Gas, Word of Power and Lava trap, to make them more interesting and less limited, they can now roll the same effects as the others traps.

Update Version 1a:

  • Make sure level 1 to 4 is completable with Random Creature Availablity enabled.

Next major update: The modifier's level selector will be improved to make it easier for the player to know what is enabled or disabled.

Please report in comment any issue(s) you may experience!


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What a great idea to come back to the original campaign and being able to tweak some of those little rules for your very own DK1 classic experience :D.

I had random creature appearance through portal, random stats and random skills of all creatures active, deciding later on to disable random stats again, as it felt too chaotic and a bit rng.

I noticed quiet a strange thing that regards the creature's lightning spell. When a creature performed the lightning spell, the sound effect was the one of the lightning trap. For whatever reason, the lightning spell could be performed on very low cool-down. I had fairies being able to cast lightning like a gatling gun, burning through all other enemies. In return, I had several problems fightning enemy fairies because of that as well. Sometimes, I also felt that creatures casting the lightning spell would somehow hurt themselves in doing so. I also had a warlock who could fire a mixture of meteor and fireball in rapid succession being a full powerhouse. Not sure if it was intended, especially, as I had random creature stats turned off.

Otherwise I enjoyed the one or other challenge that this campaign offered me.

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

Thanks for the feedback.

It's intended, these are two added instances (Quick Lightning and Quick Meteor) for the mod but maybe I should reduce the appearance rate? Or remove them completly maybe?

Hmm, hard to say. I mean I liked that you made some changes to those spells. Especially to the meteor - that was kind of cool, to be hondest. Those lvl4 fairies with their constant lightning beam were just insane though haha.

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

I would like to report a bug: Creatures that are being dragged to prison will be targeted by lightning mysterious box spells

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

Sorry that's a keeperfx issue, you can raise a request on the github for that if you want?

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

This is a really fun and ball crushing mod.

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

For your information you only need to download one package, not the whole, the versions are not patches, each package is the complete thing. Saying this cause I see some people download everything for some reason but there is no point to do so.:P

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

The name change is mostly cause of Yani so if you disagree with it, you know who is to blame. :P

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

An user reported me an issue with level 1 that can't be finished if you use "Random Creature Availablity" modifier, to proceed this level you need at least one beetle then the game allow you to build a hatchery which will trigger the hero wave.

A workaround is to either use a cheat with -alex command to spawn a bug for yourself, or don't use this modifier for this level or you can change it on the script, open map00001.txt on keeperfx/campgns/dkogcm folder, look for IF(PLAYER0,BUG >= 1) and change the number 1 to 0.

Nonetheless I will update the package to fix this issue.

walter253 🇻🇨 Submitter

I had a lucky roll while taking the screen and ended up with the Avatar. ;p