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Modern Keeper

Category Campaign
Original creation date 2022-06-11
Rating 3.67 / 5 6 ratings
Difficulty 4 / 5 6 ratings
Submission date 2023-05-17
Last updated 2023-06-10
Min. game version KeeperFX 0.5.0 Build 3080
Filesize 2.58MiB
Downloads 47
File Filesize Downloads Date 2.58MiB 34 2023-06-01

It's a 6+1 Level campaign and was made by a user from Baidu tieba. They translated it from Chinese into English and provided it to us for our pleasure.

Discussion on Discord or KeeperKlan.

Installation Intructions

Extract it into the campgns folder of KeeperFX


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if you like a challenge download this. fun map. Think i replayed last map like 20 times b4 i managed to finnish it.

Yani Admin

This is a really hard one right? I saw some gameplay on the lava map. I should give it a try.