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Brorc Dungeons

Submitted by Shortmicky
Category Map Pack
Rating 3.71 / 5 7 ratings
Difficulty 3.29 / 5 7 ratings
Original creation date 2021-08-05
Submission date 2023-03-31
Last updated 2023-04-05
Filesize 1.23MiB
Downloads 166
File Filesize Downloads Date 1.23MiB 137 2023-06-01

A collection of levels against the Heroes, Advanced creatures and settings can give a depth of ease as much as it can cause frustration. Any feedback welcomed. I've used these creatures for years. If you find these levels too hard, too easy. Lemme know.

Installation Intructions

Unzip into the levels folder.


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Interesting levels. The novelty of the changed creatures is great (Mistress with Freeze and Heal!? Orcs with Lightning? Horny doesn't go berserk all the time? Sign me up!) Some of the evolutions are a bit weird, but hilarious. (Skeletons become mistress? Ghost become samurai? Fairies become Horny?)) Everything seems to autotrain, and train MUCH faster, which is nice.

I also like the lack of time constraints and it being me verses the heroes.

However, the levels are also very, very linear, which is fine in concept, but in the end, it gets repetaive in places when you are doing the same thing four or five times in a row. (E.g. knocking doors down one by one with the avatar and killing one knight at a time in Brorco.) It also has a few spots (in the middle levels, notably) where it's a case of gotcha dealing with boulder traps, which is always annoying.

The Transfer Creature specials appeared not to work at all, though that made little difference.

I got the same issue as Haplo. Imps are only hugging the dungeon heart doing nothing.. Any updates on this?

ben_lp 🇩🇪

it's working fine. my imps are working ?

It seems like this is a big map, big maps have been disabled for some time, but should work again.

I downloaded the map sets and the imps don't want to do anything other than hug the heart for each map.

I like the use of the new tilesets, really helps make these levels feel more fresh. The creature stats have some peculiarities but I was never caught off-guard by anything too much, never led to unfair outcomes of fights or anything. Kinda fun to get used to If you're into long sieges of big hero dungeons, with usually lots of gold and time, this pack is for you

Thanks for the feedback.

Only played the first level so far (Brorca) and I enjoyed the initial dungeon layout, use of different tilesets and the idea of slowly gaining more rooms and creatures, but when it ends up at "go into room, get ambushed by a party of heroes, then go to next room and start again" for 10 rooms in a row it gets really tiring. I think it's worth changing the map so you don't have to kill every single hero, as that ends up with you searching all over for them, and I noticed there was a duplicate Sight of Evil spell and some of the action points were slightly too big so heroes spawn on the other side of the walls.

It was fine but it got quite boring when you have to clear out hundreds of heroes very slowly

Yani 🇧🇪 Admin

It seems you included a map editor in the archive (/brorc/map.exe). I accepted the submission but will probably remove the files it in the future.

Ah, sorry I meant to remove that before I submitted it

I'm enjoying the first level! The log file has a lot of errors if you haven't seen that? (alpha 3298)

I copied the floating spirit from a campaign I downloaded, didn't realise they're removed the property of spectator from it. hence all of the errs.

Oh I’ve not seen the errors list. I shall have to have a look.