Website updates - History, Notifications and Comments


We've made some improvements to our website, introducing a new KeeperFX History page, an upgraded notification system, improved workshop comments, and several smaller refinements to enhance the user experience.

KeeperFX History

A new History page that lists key moments in the development of KeeperFX. You can now learn a bit about the KeeperFX history!

Improved comment system

The comments in the workshop have been built upon and should be a lot nicer to use now. Some key features:

  • Threaded comments (like Reddit)
  • Report comments
  • Edit/delete comments
  • Information about markdown formatting under textboxes that uses it
  • Custom spoiler markdown function

Notification center

There's a new notification system that notifies you of specific events. Examples are:

  • New comment on your workshop item
  • New reply to your comment
  • New workshop item
  • ...

These can be configured depending on if- and how you want to be notified. More notifications will be added in the future.

Many other small improvements
  • The workshop browse pages are now cached. This should improve the speed a bit.
  • Generate smaller thumbnails for images on the workshop browse page for page speed.
  • You will get a "You need to be logged in." message instead of a "Something went wrong" when your session timed out in the background.
  • Information about the maximum filesizes has been added to fields that allow you to upload files.
  • Lower the default avatar upload size.
  • Workshop links have been added to the user account dropdown menu.
  • Remove website version from footer and add a website source link.
  • Workshop items only have their last updated date changed when a new file is uploaded or anything in the file list is changed
  • And many more small fixes and changes...


We hope that you enjoy your time on the website here. Feel free to drop any feedback in the Keeper Klan Discord.

- KeeperFX Team